Business Spotlight / March 20, 2018 Lemon Drop Cookie Shop

By Emily G. Peters Lent is nearly over—and for some that means sugar is back on the menu in a big way. Fortunately, Monrovia’s Lemon Drop Cookie Shop has been supplying the sugar fix with its custom gourmet cookies since 2012. “Having a family that prefers anything other than cakes, I went in search of...

Business Spotlight / March 13, 2018 Folia Collective: Pasadena’s Plant Shop

  By Emily G. Peters If you’ve never been able to keep a plant alive for longer than a week, fear not: no one at Folia Collective is going to judge you. They might, however, suggest one or two ways you can revive your inner sanctum of greenery without going mad. Created by Pasadena-based photographer...

Business Spotlight / March 6, 2018 British Flare with International Fare at London Gastropub

By Emily G. Peters Old Town Monrovia has been enjoying something of a renaissance the last few years, and London Gastropub is right at the center of it. Sophisticated with a divey edge, this pub has become one of the most popular spots for a brew in Monrovia. “Like a lot of people I always...

Business Spotlight / February 27, 2018 Find Your Sweet Spot at The Bee Cottage

By Emily G. Peters The Bee Cottage in Pasadena is a feast for the decorative eye; every corner crammed with something to beautify the home or office—especially for the seasons. This month, Easter is on full display, showcasing owner Nicole Robeson’s skill at capturing the spirit of holidays throughout the year. “I wear many hats...

Business Spotlight / February 20, 2018 Chirp Karaoke Café Connects Kids and Parents Through Music

By Emily G. Peters Who says that karaoke is reserved solely for the tipsy or the tone deaf? Kids can have their moment in the spotlight too—that’s where Chirp Karaoke Café in Pasadena comes in. Ideal for anyone from casual singers to the next generation of The Voice hopefuls, this ingenious bit of kid-focused fun...

Business Spotlight / February 13, 2018 Happy Hour Vibes at Home Brewed Bar

By Emily G. Peters Flavor-seeking caffeine fiends should make their way to Home Brewed Bar, a Pasadena cafe distilling new flavors from the classics. Managed by “renegade entrepreneur” Brian Molina, Home Brewed Bar’s painstaking “Toddy” technique creates a smoother, less acidic base for its inventive cold-brewed concoctions. “I want people to see that coffee and...

Business Spotlight

Imprintability Makes Branding Virtually Limitless
Business Spotlight

Imprintability Makes Branding Virtually Limitless

By Emily G. Peters “You can’t be everywhere, but your logo can.” This is the slogan of Imprintability, a printing and promotional products business founded by owner Jennifer Stone in 2005. It’s the kind of brand-forward thinking that’s allowed Stone to transform her lone-wolf operation into a successful business. “I do the sales, the marketing,…

  • the executive factor founder andrew gregson
  • the executive factor meeting space
  • the executive factor conference room
  • the executive factor reception
  • the executive factor full kitchen
Business Spotlight, Featured

Entrepreneurship, Simplified: The Executive Factor

By Emily G. Peters The “American dream” has many iterations—self-employment chief among them. Yet translating an idea into a marketable business can seem like an insurmountable task for many. The Executive Factor in Arcadia simplifies that process. Created by U.K. native Andrew Gregson and his wife Tricia in 2010, the couple formed a professional workspace…

Business Spotlight

Kings Row Gastropub

By Emily G. Peters It’s Sunday morning, and the crew at Kings Row Gastropub is getting ready for the day. Kids dart in an out from the main dining room, enjoying their freedom before the pub overflows with weekend revelers looking for a bite and a beer. This is Kings Row, Old Pasadena’s first gastropub….

  • kaleidoscope antiques storefront
  • upstairs view kaleidoscope antiques
  • midcentury modern tv at kaleidoscope antiques
  • furniture at kaleidoscope antiques
  • clock at kaleidoscope antiques
  • vintage patterns at kaleidoscope antiques
  • artwork at kaleidoscope antiques
  • debbie, dealer at kaleidoscope antiques
  • kaleidoscope antiques interior
  • kaleidoscope antiques mirror
  • suit of armor kaleidoscope antiques
Business Spotlight

The Thrill of the Hunt: Kaleidoscope Antiques

Story and Photos by Emily G. Peters “Being an antique dealer is like a continuous treasure hunt,” said Bill Taylor, owner of Monrovia’s magnificent Kaleidoscope Antiques. “The antique business changes as styles change—but there always is a demand.” Taylor should know. The brainchild of his late wife Linda Taylor and her business partner C.J. Granados,…

  • J.T. Centonze Off Kilter Kilts
  • Off Kilter Kilts customers
  • Off Kilter Kilts pup
  • Verillas leather kilt Off Kilter Kilts
  • Off Kilter Kilts kilt
Business Spotlight

Dare to be Bare: Off Kilter Kilts

By Emily G. Peters It’s summer in Los Angeles. It’s hot—insanely hot. And call us crazy, but it’s times like these where a kilt starts to look like a mighty desirable fashion choice. Luckily for us, Off Kilter Kilts (OKK) in Pasadena is here to help. This boutique kilt shop is the new(er) kid on…

  • Lark Cake Shop Carrot Cake Cupcakes
  • Lark Cake Shop exterior
  • Lark Cake Shop Interior
  • Lark Cake Shop Chocolate Cupcake
  • Lark Cake Shop Ice Box Cake
  • Lark Cake Shop cupcakes
Business Spotlight

Lark Cake Shop

By Emily G. Peters Lark Cake Shop has been getting some buzz the last few years. It’s garnered multiple local awards and, just this winter, Los Angeles Magazine noted their berry shortcake as a must-try in Los Angeles. Though only arriving on the scene in Pasadena in 2015, Lark Cake Shop owner John Hensley has been building…

Skip Seasonal Stress With Holiday Celebration Club
Business Spotlight

Skip Seasonal Stress With Holiday Celebration Club

By Emily G. Peters Many of us spend holidays and milestones surrounded by friends and family. Yet for those seeking an alternative to the norm, L.A.-based Holiday Celebration Club has put together a whole new way to party. Holiday Celebration Club creates “major fun for major holidays without major stress,” opening up events for anyone…

Culinary Collaboration: Harlowe’s French Dip
Business Spotlight

Culinary Collaboration: Harlowe’s French Dip

Old Town Pasadena gets its own spin on a beloved Los Angeles staple By Emily G. Peters If you’ve grown up in Los Angeles, chances are you’ve tasted one of its famous French dip sandwiches at least once. Yet, we’d like to suggest a Pasadena alternative—Harlowe’s French Dip. Although this sandwich saloon is a newcomer…

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