Business Spotlight / September 19, 2018 Bygone Magic Awaits in Pasadena’s Lower Arroyo

By Emily G. Peters Nostalgia is a kind of magic, rekindling everything from faded music genres to baby names. So predictable is society’s need to revisit the past that what was fashionable decades ago regularly resurfaces every twenty years or so. But what happens when nostalgia goes further into our human history—all in an attempt...

Business Spotlight / September 11, 2018 New Ice Cream Shop in Arcadia is Ready to Roll

By Emily G. Peters Los Angeles is no stranger to gourmet ice cream, but too many fall into the social media trap of being long on style and short on taste. Koreatown transplant Holy Roly manages to blend its ice cream with beauty, flavor and something more: being arguably junk-free. “I am a big fan...

Business Spotlight / September 5, 2018 Tech Rockstars Making IT Easy for Small-to-Medium Businesses

By Emily G. Peters Technical difficulties: every business has them, but not all have the infrastructure to cope with them. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses, finding IT support that’s both adequate and affordable can seem like the holy grail. For some, Tech Rockstars in Monrovia has become just that. “Tech Rockstars is not your...

Business Spotlight / August 30, 2018 Mastering the Art of Gluten-Free Goodies

By Emily G. Peters Gluten-free. Dairy-free. Vegan. Any one of these dietary restrictions can make the prospect of getting your hands on a tasty baked good tough going. Combine them and you’re looking at saying goodbye to cupcakes forever—right? Not quite. Katie’s Bakery in Pasadena is a name you’re going to want to know, especially...

Business Spotlight / August 22, 2018 Community is Key at Copper Moose Fitness

By Emily G. Peters Copper Moose Fitness has positioned itself as Pasadena’s “Family Gym,” with a pretty refreshing philosophy to match. According to its owners, Joseph and April Hawthorne, fitness doesn’t require youth, special equipment or complex routines—it just requires you. “So many people have an injury, ache or pain and need guidance to know...

Business Spotlight / August 14, 2018 Protravel Proves That Travel Agents Are Actually Thriving

By Emily G. Peters Travel agents are sometimes regarded as a relic of the past, lumped in with rotary phones or watching TV shows on an actual television. Yet Protravel International is proving the opposite: travel agents are not only alive, they’re thriving. The sentiment is embodied in Gloria Lopez, manager of Protravel International’s Sierra...

Business Spotlight

  • kaleidoscope antiques storefront
  • upstairs view kaleidoscope antiques
  • midcentury modern tv at kaleidoscope antiques
  • furniture at kaleidoscope antiques
  • clock at kaleidoscope antiques
  • vintage patterns at kaleidoscope antiques
  • artwork at kaleidoscope antiques
  • debbie, dealer at kaleidoscope antiques
  • kaleidoscope antiques interior
  • kaleidoscope antiques mirror
  • suit of armor kaleidoscope antiques
Business Spotlight

The Thrill of the Hunt: Kaleidoscope Antiques

Story and Photos by Emily G. Peters “Being an antique dealer is like a continuous treasure hunt,” said Bill Taylor, owner of Monrovia’s magnificent Kaleidoscope Antiques. “The antique business changes as styles change—but there always is a demand.” Taylor should know. The brainchild of his late wife Linda Taylor and her business partner C.J. Granados,…

  • J.T. Centonze Off Kilter Kilts
  • Off Kilter Kilts customers
  • Off Kilter Kilts pup
  • Verillas leather kilt Off Kilter Kilts
  • Off Kilter Kilts kilt
Business Spotlight

Dare to be Bare: Off Kilter Kilts

By Emily G. Peters It’s summer in Los Angeles. It’s hot—insanely hot. And call us crazy, but it’s times like these where a kilt starts to look like a mighty desirable fashion choice. Luckily for us, Off Kilter Kilts (OKK) in Pasadena is here to help. This boutique kilt shop is the new(er) kid on…

  • Lark Cake Shop Carrot Cake Cupcakes
  • Lark Cake Shop exterior
  • Lark Cake Shop Interior
  • Lark Cake Shop Chocolate Cupcake
  • Lark Cake Shop Ice Box Cake
  • Lark Cake Shop cupcakes
Business Spotlight

Lark Cake Shop

By Emily G. Peters Lark Cake Shop has been getting some buzz the last few years. It’s garnered multiple local awards and, just this winter, Los Angeles Magazine noted their berry shortcake as a must-try in Los Angeles. Though only arriving on the scene in Pasadena in 2015, Lark Cake Shop owner John Hensley has been building…

Skip Seasonal Stress With Holiday Celebration Club
Business Spotlight

Skip Seasonal Stress With Holiday Celebration Club

By Emily G. Peters Many of us spend holidays and milestones surrounded by friends and family. Yet for those seeking an alternative to the norm, L.A.-based Holiday Celebration Club has put together a whole new way to party. Holiday Celebration Club creates “major fun for major holidays without major stress,” opening up events for anyone…

Culinary Collaboration: Harlowe’s French Dip
Business Spotlight

Culinary Collaboration: Harlowe’s French Dip

Old Town Pasadena gets its own spin on a beloved Los Angeles staple By Emily G. Peters If you’ve grown up in Los Angeles, chances are you’ve tasted one of its famous French dip sandwiches at least once. Yet, we’d like to suggest a Pasadena alternative—Harlowe’s French Dip. Although this sandwich saloon is a newcomer…

  • Arm the Animals tank top
  • Dog Mom AF shirt
  • Cat Daddy AF
  • I'd Rather Rescue Animals Tote
  • Catfefe shirt
  • Arm the Animals co-founders: CEO Matthew Heinemeyer and Danian Rios, president. - Photo by Emily G. Peters / Beacon Media News
Business Spotlight

Fashion Meets Activism: Arm the Animals

Amazon and web-based clothing company goes global with designs to save the animals By Emily G. Peters Sometimes, helping solve one of the world’s problems can be as simple as donning a t-shirt. Arcadia-based clothing company Arm the Animals (ATA) has done just that by transforming fashion into viral animal advocacy. Beginning as an online…

Business Spotlight

Carmela Ice Cream Co.

Churn Down for what? Carmela Ice Cream Photos and Story by Emily G. Peters For most of us, it’s never too early for ice cream. On a Sunday morning at Pasadena’s Carmela Ice Cream, doors open at 11 a.m. It’s just late enough so a scoop of something sweet is completely allowable. Here, Carmela patrons…

Business Spotlight

Mt. Lowe Brewing Company

By Emily G. Peters Arcadia’s first microbrewery is ready to pour you a cold one this summer. Owned by fellow brewers Mike Reiling and Shawn Nemanich, Mt. Lowe Brewing Company has a passion for quality craft beer and a love for local history. Neither owners are new to the entrepreneur game—before launching Mt. Lowe, Reiling…

Business Spotlight

We Rock the Spectrum Kids’ Gym Pasadena

By Emily G. Peters We Rock the Spectrum is a rarity: an integrated, all-inclusive gym for children. Their business name works as an affirmation, a mantra, a cheer: that children of all ability levels deserve a safe place to play together. We Rock The Spectrum Pasadena is owned by Ani Charthern, a licensed and practicing…

Garden View Landscaping, Nursery and Pools
Business Spotlight

Garden View Landscaping, Nursery and Pools

    By Emily G. Peters There’s gardening—and then there’s landscape architecture. For Garden View Landscaping, Nursery and Pools, the difference has to be seen to be believed. Founder and president Mark Meahl founded Garden View in 1978 with just enough cash in his pocket to get something going. “I didn’t realize there were a…

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