City of Monrovia to Launch Home Security Rebate Program

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As a local response to the increase in crime that the City has experienced during the past few years, the Monrovia City Council recently authorized the establishment of a Home Security Rebate Program. Through this program, residents are eligible for a reimbursement of up to $250 for the purchase and / or installation of any qualifying home security system of their choice.

Staff is currently working to develop the online application. Once the application is ready, residents may apply online at the City’s website. To be eligible, security products or systems must be purchased after the City launches the program. As part of the application process, residents must submit original receipts and proof of installation of the product. Applications must also be submitted within 60 days of the date of purchase and / or installation.

The City will begin accepting applications in January 2018. In the meantime, Monrovia residents can send an email to By sending us an email, you will be notified when the program opens.

For more information and to apply for the City of Monrovia’s Home Security Rebate Program, please contact the City Manager’s Office at (626) 932-5550.

December 22, 2017

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