Kiwanis Park in Monrovia is Undergoing Changes

Fencing, solar lights, benches and more are scheduled to be installed in the park. – Courtesy photo

Improvements at Kiwanis Park at Grand Avenue will be continuing over the coming weeks!  The Kiwanis Club of Monrovia generously donated $20,000 to the City in October 2017 to make improvements at Kiwanis Park at Grand Avenue.  During the past few weeks, staff has been working with representatives from the Kiwanis Club. An overview of the improvement efforts include the following:


-During the week of Dec. 4, 2017, we will begin the demolition of the existing fence

-At that time, temporary fencing will be put in place due to the drop off on the hillside

-The area will be graded prior to the new fence being installed

-The new fence will be constructed of tubular steel and will be powder coated in black, similar to the new fence at Julian Fisher Park

Solar Lights

-Better Home Energy has donated a solar light to help facilitate evening lighting at the park

-The City has met Mr. Potter from Better Home Energy in the field to assess the best location for the donated solar light

-The recommendation is to place the new light at the far northwest corner of the park, near the playground and picnic area

-This will light up the area where we have some concerns but will not negatively impact any of the neighbors

-The materials and installation will be donated by Better Home Energy, and of course, the City will be working with the company during installation process

Furnishings (Picnic Tables, Trash Cans, and Bike Rack)

-The City will be ordering 4 picnic tables, 3 trash cans, and 1 bike rack for installation at the park

-Each item will be powder coated green, and will be customized with the Kiwanis logo

-Prior to the installation, staff will coordinate a walk-through with Kiwanis Club members to verify placement locations

Memorial Benches

-The City will also be installing a memorial bench at the park, and we are coordinating that effort with the Kiwanis Club

Drinking Fountain

-The City has ordered a drinking fountain for the park, and we will install the new fountain as soon as it arrives

-The drinking fountain will be installed near the bottom of the stairs, and will feature three water dispensing options (traditional, bottle filler, and dog bowl)

December 6, 2017

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