Little Free Library Unveiled at Monrovia Police Station

A new “Little Library” user seems to lose his head in the tiny collection moments after the unveiling last week. The little library, which contains classic literature, is latest one to appear in the community. – Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

By Susan Motander

Monrovia Chief of Police Alan Sanvictores unveiled a new Little Free Library in front of the police station last Thursday. It was doubling fitting that the introduction of the Library took place that day as earlier that morning members of the department as well as adult volunteers from throughout the community has read to aloud in every elementary school classroom in the city in honor of the birthday of Theodore Seuss Geisel, better known by his middle name, Dr. Suess. Later that evening the Monrovia Reads foundation honored the former chief of police, Jim Hunt with its Literacy Legacy Award. Hunt, with help form Lt. Jaime Alfaro, built the Little Free Library his former department unveiled.

Hunt was not the only one who worked on the Little Library. The Monrovia Police Officers Association purchased the materials for the Library. Chief Sanvictores gave special thanks to several other members of his department who were active in the creation of the Library. Community Policing Sgt. Dan Verna came up with the idea for the project and his father, Glenn Verna, a Monrovia resident painted the completed Library. The design was the work of School Resource Officer James Ruano.

The Library has been placed in the center of a small patio that was designed by Community Policing Officer Javier Leon who also facilitated the project. The patio was hand built by members of the Monrovia Public Works Staff including: Esau Ramos, Gonzalo Valenzuela, Jose Torres, Carlos Burruel, Mario Lopez Iraitz Telleria and Michael Monte. In addition to thanking all these people, the Chief also singled out Joann Spring of Monrovia Reads who donated the books for the Library.

After the ceremony thanking those who worked on the Library, young people from the Renaissance Program at Clifton Middle School placed those donated books in the Library.

It is important to note that while two Little Free Libraries were recently stolen from in front of a local business and a residence in town, the one in front of the Police Station should be rather secure. It is welded in place and directly in sight of a surveillance camera. It should be secure.


March 9, 2018

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