Monrovia Days This Weekend

Monrovia Days is the annual community birthday party where all Monrovians gather together to celebrate our talented youth, honoring the scholars and champions from Monrovia Unified School District.

This year, the Monrovia Days celebration will be a two-day event held Saturday, May 20 and Sunday, May 21. The City of Monrovia, the Monrovia Unified School District, and Centre Stage helped bring back the Carnival this year.

Here’s the list of terrific activities for this weekend:

Saturday May 20

(8 a.m.) Monrovia Days Kick-off Performance by Centre Stage, Monrovia Centre Stage Performing Troupe “2.0”

(8 a.m. – 9 p.m.) Opportunity Drawing Booth opens in Front of Library

(8 a.m. – 1p.m.) Pancake Breakfast $8 on Palm Ave

(8 a.m. – 9 p.m.) Drinks and Concessions sold on Palm Ave

(9 a.m.) Presentation of Colors – Boy Scouts of America; National Anthem – Monrovia High; School Students Daniel Cragoe & Natalie Gray; Presentation of Dignitaries; “Proud To Be An American/America The Beautiful” Performed by Centre Stage

(9:30 a.m.) Plymouth Dance Troupe Performance – Carole Vallwsky; Santa Fe Dance Troupe

(10 a.m.) Monrovia Day’s Parade 2017, Celebrating Our Scholars & Champions MUSD Students and Community Groups

(11 a.m. – 9 p.m.) Carnival Begins; T Philips Beer Garden Front of Library; Friends of The Library Book Sale – Inside The Library; Hot Dog On A Stick – Palm Ave; MUSD Boosters -Hamburgers sold on Palm Ave; Drinks Sold on Palm Ave

(11:30 a.m.) Centre Stage Performing Troupe “Vocal Ease”

(11:45am) Centre Stage Performance Troupe “House Blend”

(12 p.m.) MUSD Honor Choir – Catherine Hackworth; 2nd & 3rd Grade Choir – Siranoush Soukaissian

(12 – 4 p.m.) Dunk Tank- FREE!

(12:30 p.m.) Centre Stage Performing Troupe “BVC”

(1 – 5 p.m.) Photo Ops with Super Heroes- Library Park

(1:30 p.m.) Centre Stage Performing Group “Counter Point”

(2 p.m.) MHS Camerata Singers – Bill Moore

(2:15 p.m.) Musical Marathon Performances

(3 p.m.) USO Tribute Performance, Company B

(3:30 p.m.) Musical Marathon Cont.

(4:30 p.m.) Selections from MUSD Wildcat Drama

(5 p.m.) Pie Eating Contest located on the grass on the corner of Lime and Myrtle

(6 p.m.) Night Owl Productions Cover Band

Sunday May 21

(11 a.m.) No Compromise – Clifton Student Band

(11:30 a.m.) TZR – Youth Band

(12 – 4 p.m.) Dunk Tank – FREE!

(12 p.m.) Who’s Clayton

(1 p.m.) Citrus College Jazz Combos

(3 p.m.) Night Shift Performs Disney

(4 p.m.) Night Shift

For more information about Monrovia Days events, visit this website:

May 16, 2017

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