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By Pam Fitzpatrick

OK, that was funny – a bit unnerving for me, but funny. If you read last week’s column (newspaper version), you probably thought one of two things: either “that doesn’t sound like Pam,” or, “oops, the paper made a cut and paste mistake and reprinted another article in that space.” Whichever you thought, you were correct — now let’s try this again…

As I was saying, Frooza (521 S. Myrtle, west side) will have their ‘soft opening” this coming Monday, March 12th. One of the items on their window sign is rolled ice cream, a delicacy new to me. Apparently I don’t go to the mall often enough, because it’s really hot (figuratively speaking). The liquid ice-cream- to- be is spread on a flat, freezing surface and all the ingredients are mixed and mixed and remixed until the liquid turns into a recognizable ice cream. The mixture is then spread around the entire surface of the pan, sectioned off, and rolled. The rolls are served in a traditional ice cream cup and garnished with tons of goodies. Warning: this is not a low-calorie experience!

Last week I was wondering about Basin 141, a new restaurant/bar which will be opening in the spot last occupied by Craft Hill up at the southeast corner of Myrtle and Lime. I had noticed that the Basin 141 in Montrose is a “21 and over” establishment, which didn’t seem suitable for Old Town Monrovia (though I was thrilled to have them come to town).  Happily, the Monrovia restaurant will have a different game plan and will not restrict to 21 and over patrons. Also, it seems the beautiful window treatments we saw last week were only temporary (so we would all know they’re coming to town), because the windows are now white-papered as they prepare the inside for opening sometime this spring.  Regarding the windows, there are restrictions in Old Town on how much of a window area can be permanently covered, but those windows were beautiful.

The strangest thing happened last Friday: it rained. It never rains on a Friday, or so my Street Fair.

Memory tells me – but for the first time in a long time there was no fair last week. The weather looks okay for this coming Friday (March 9th), so bring your jacket ad come on down, have a bite at your favorite eatery, then stroll the fair and pick up some goodies. Remember, Easter is coming up fast!

Speaking of restaurants, two of my favorite restaurants are owned by merchant friend, Dragica Grabovac. Dragica is one of the most generous of our Old Town merchants, and a supporter of just about any local cause you can name. I saw an interesting Face Book posting the other day promoting her side-by-side establishments: “If you in the mood for Mexican food come and try La Adelita.” And, the post continued, “If you want to try something different, come visit Café LuMar” (which is a Croatian restaurant). Now this is the kicker: “You can also ask about our CRO-MEX combo.” Only in Old Town!

Now don’t forget Old Town Monrovia’s 3rd Annual FuzzFest at Street Fair Friday, March 16th. City Manager Oliver Chi and the Famous Chris Shevlin are among the volunteer “shavees” who will raise money for childhood cancer. And, April 21st, 6-9 p.m. is another Monrovia Wine Walk. More about the Wine Walk next week!

March 9, 2018

About Author

Pam Fitzpatrick Pam has been an active business owner and lover of Old Town Monrovia for the past 26 years. She has served as both Monrovia Chamber President, Merchant Association President, and Merchant Co-op Organizer, and has been the moving force behind such popular events as New Year's Eve on Myrtle, Old Town Trick or Treating, Holiday Caroling, and Santa Breakfasts with free gifts for the kiddies. In January of 2016, Pam was appointed Volunteer Old Town Film Liaison and has worked with the City to update Old Town's Filming Guidelines and bring back profitable filming to the Historic District. Pam is currently a columnist for the Monrovia Weekly and with The Old Town Report, proudly shares her comments and updates about the town she loves.

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