Monrovia Old Town Report (05/18/17)

This coming weekend will be classic Monrovia: a parade on Myrtle Avenue, a pancake breakfast, a Carnival, a Pie Eating contest, a Beer Garden, and lots of music, all in Library Park. – Courtesy photo

By Pam Fitzpatrick

If you’re like me, those scrolling cable news updates at the bottom of the screen make you scream at the TV. Just when some person (who is famous to everyone but me) is saying something of substance, that scroll rolls across the bottom telling me in a one-liner everything else I need to know that day, while obscuring the name of the person talking. “Says who?” I’m thinking.

Well, here’s my less obnoxious version of the cable news scroll: “Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening in Old Town,” (says Pam).

This coming weekend will be classic Monrovia: a parade on Myrtle Avenue, a pancake breakfast, a Carnival, a Pie Eating contest, a Beer Garden, and lots of music, all in Library Park. What’s the occasion? It’s Monrovia Days – our official birthday celebration, and this year will be our 131st, according to Council Member Becky Shevlin. The parade starts at 10 a.m. this year (instead of last year’s 9 a.m. start). The Carnival will be two day, so if you miss Saturday’s fun, come on down Sunday! And, wait – there’s more….

Local merchants will have their own specials such as the “Silly Scoops” Ice Cream Social at Candy Connection (12-2 p.m.) at 521 S. Myrtle and the “Fidget Spinner Table” at my store, The Dollmakers’ Kattywompus (412 S. Myrtle). (Don’t ask me what a fidget spinner is…. I still don’t get it, but the kids are crazy for them!) There will be food at the Park, for sure – but don’t forget the delicious offerings at Paradis Ice Cream, Cold Stone Creamery, Peach Café, Sena, London Gastropub, Merengue, Rudy’s Mexican Food, Jake’s Roadhouse, 38 Degrees, the Diplomat, Saigon Avenue, Mikomi, Bella Sera, and on and on and on… Oh, yes, and just south of the park is Myrtle Tree Café. I love their Turkey Panini (with artichoke hearts)!

Speaking of Myrtle Tree Café: have you seen the bicycle out front with the sign reading “Eco-Friendly Delivery?” It made me smile: that’s Mike Bruno, the owner’s style, I thought. I dropped by the Café yesterday for my sandwich, and Mike conveniently walked in – and thank goodness – because when I asked his employees for info about the new delivery option, they just smiled and said “it just showed up outside yesterday.” I suspect they were wondering which one of them was going to do the pedaling. But, Mike told me the skinny: free delivery (when available) will be offered to local Old Town Merchants with Mike as the delivery guy. If you need a smile one day, dial for Mike!

Now, to avoid future irritation, this is really important: No Parking and Street Closure times are subject to tow, per Monrovia Municipal Code 10.16.100c(1). No Parking and Street Closures will be enforced on the following streets from Friday, May 29, 5 a.m., to Sunday, May 21 at 12 a.m. Now, here are the closures:

Monrovia Days Celebration: Friday, May 19 from 5 a.m. to Sunday May 21 at 12 a.m.
Lime Avenue from Myrtle to Primrose; Palm Avenue from Myrtle to Primrose
Parade: Saturday, May 20 from
Myrtle from Huntington to Foothill; Maple from Ivy to Primrose; Chestnut from Ivy to Primrose;
Walnut from Ivy to Primrose; Olive from Ivy to Primrose; Colorado from Ivy to Primrose;
Lemon from Ivy to Primrose; Lime from Ivy to Primrose; Palm from Ivy to Primrose.

Now, let’s talk Street Fair. Watch for the street closure signs on Fridays, too. I can’t stand to see our customers towed because they didn’t read the signs! And, just a note: the Fair is now open until 10 p.m. every Friday night to take advantage of the beautiful weather and daylight savings time. It’s going be a great weekend in Old Town!

May 18, 2017

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