Monrovia’s Vintage Seagrave in Monrovia Day Parade

The antique 1917 Seagrave Fire Engine was recently moved from Tired Iron’s restoration facility and is now home at Station 102. More work is yet to be done and they have started a go fund me account to help offset the costs of the continued restoration. – Photos by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

The Monrovia Firefighters Association is working diligently to save the vintage 1917 Seagrave Fire Engine that served the city 100 years ago. The Seagrave is fully equipped and has water pumping capabilities, chemical firefighting capabilies, as well are being able to carry the ladders and other equipment. The engine still needs a little help even though it is scheduled to drive under its own power in the Monrovia Day Parade.

For the last several years, many individuals have donated time and money to help the association bring the engine back. The final push is underway and the association needs help. The association has set up a Go Fund Me account. The engine desperately needs a clutch to allow it to make its way safely along the parade route. What better way to celebrate the city’s birthday than to get this bit of Monrovia History back on the streets it once toiled to safeguard in time for its 100th birthday.

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May 10, 2017

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