MHS Student May Face Charges for Snapchat Gun Prank

– Courtesy photo / Twitter via Snapchat


By Susan Motander

On Friday afternoon at 5:08 p.m. a young man who attends Monrovia High School, using, sent out a photograph of 4 “guns” with the words I’ve had enough get ready for Monday MHS.”

Since the school was already closed for the day, Monrovia Police conducted a thorough investigation over the weekend into the incident.

The students who received the “snap” were interviewed by Monrovia Police Officers according to Captain Alan Sanvictores, The student who sent the “tweet” was also thoroughly interviewed, counseled regarding his behavior and allowed to remain with his parents.

Sanvictores said that the student indicated he had been visiting with a friend who owned several “BB” guns. He sent the photo of the guns and the message as what he called a “joke” and that he had done it to get attention on the popular app.

Despite what was reported on the internet that the police had “raided the home of the friend who owned the BB guns,” Sanvictores said that Monrovia Police Officers had confiscated the BB guns in the course of the interview with the friend.

The case will be presented to the District Attorney’s Office for consideration regarding filing charges against the young man who posted the message. The BB guns are being held as for their potential evidential value in the prosecution.

According to Sanvictores, Monrovia Police worked throughout the weekend to ensure that the threat against the high school was merely a prank.

Later, on Tuesday, Sanvictores reported that the juvenile suspect had been arrested that day, under suspicion of making criminal threats and booked at Monrovia Police Department. He was soon released to the custody of his parents.

The case will still under review by the District Attorney’s office as of late Wednesday.


March 14, 2017

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