Monrovia High Students Experience Aftermath of DUI

Dramatic role playing sends a clear message to next month’s graduates

Story and Photos by Terry Miller

Traditionally at graduation time, there are many celebrations, but far too often, the results of too much ‘partying’ can result in horrendous circumstances, such as a DUI or worse.

To drive home the very real perils of operating a car while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or driving while distracted, Monrovia High School hosted an “Every 15 Minutes” program, featuring a simulated car crash, first responder rescue efforts and the dramatized deaths of students.

The scenario took place Tuesday morning just before lunch. In front of the school, the scene of the crash was arranged as well as a pre-recorded 911 call that would trigger an emergency response by law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics and the coroner. The staged crash involves students who are “critically and fatally wounded” and transported via ambulance to a local hospital, and an “injured” student, who was ‘arrested’ for drunk driving by Monrovia PD after failing numerous field sobriety tests.

Additionally, the Grim Reaper pulled students from class every 15 minutes to become the “living dead,” representing the number of lives lost to drunken driving. These students do not return to their classes and instead participate in an overnight retreat without contacting their family and friends.

A mock funeral will be held Wednesday, when students watch a presentation of the previous day’s events. The “living dead” take part in an emotional reunion with family and friends.

The program is a collaboration between Monrovia High School and the City of Monrovia, the California Highway Patrol, Los Angeles County Fire and Police departments, Monrovia Fire Department and Police Department.

Watch the reenactment here!

May 16, 2017

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