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Chef Gordon Ramsay Attempts to Cure a Monrovia Kitchen from its Nightmares

Chef Gordon Ramsay, ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ ,
Films in Monrovia July 13 -16…You can be part of it…

Gordon Ramsay, who was actually born in Scotland, will be in Monrovia filming the popular show starting Friday. Readers can participate while they are filming and Chef Ramsay is in town. The production Company will be filming at Sam’s Kabob Room in Monrovia July 13th-July 16th. If readers would like to dine there while filming goes on, the email address for reservations is monroviarest@gmail.com.

The show’s premise according to Ramsay’s website is simple:
“There’s no shortage of abrasive straight talk and no-nonsense critique as superstar chef Gordon Ramsay visits troubled restaurants across the United States and the UK. Gordon offers his expert advice and gives each restaurant one week to get their act together and turn their business around.”

This email is the only way to get reservations while the production company is filming. All dinner patrons are responsible for their own meals and drinks and must be 18 years of age or older. All reservations must go through producers of the show.

Monrovia Weekly will do a follow up report next week and will let you know how it went, what people said about the before and after.
While Sam’s Kabob has been around a while in Monrovia, it seems that it needs the tender, caring touch of the popular Brit, Chef Gordon Ramsay to get it back on its feet.

This could be very interesting! Good luck Sam, you’ll need it!

July 11, 2012

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