Larry Spicer Apologizes to Monrovia Council, Community at Large

Larry Spicer. – File Photo by Terry Miller


By Susan Motander

Published: Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

At the Regular Meeting of the Monrovia City Council on Tuesday, July 3, Council Member Larry Spicer addressed the controversy about the conflict in his neighborhood. In the past two months, claims and counter claims have been made about Spicer and his relationship with his wife and children, and his behavior toward his neighbors. AS a result of these accusations, Council Member Tom Adams had begun to call for Spicer’s resignation in the last few days. The following is the text of Spicer’s comments to his fellow council members and the community as a whole:

“First, I would like to apologize to the Mayor, this City Council, our Community and the people involved, for my indiscretions. Some 30 years ago I made mistakes that I am not proud of. But I am glad that I learned from them and feel, by legal standards at least, that I have paid my debt to society.

My reasons for not publicly disclosing many of the details about the DUI and credit card violations is because I paid what I was fined, served probation, turned my life around and started giving back to the community by serving others. After which, I petitioned the court to have those two incidents expunged. This was granted by the judge on July 23, 1992 at 9AM ( section 1203.4 of the Penal Code).

“The definition of expunge is to erase or remove completely; to blot out or strike out. That was my rationale for not disclosing that when questioned by the press.

“The incident involving my daughter and my spouse were reduced to a lesser charge. I completed counseling for anger management and parenting as the court required.

“My past has helped me to become a better person, a better spouse, a better father, and groomed me to be a mentor and community servant. As evidence that I am different man today than I was 30 years ago I ask you to consider: my 20 years of marriage, three beautiful children that I love and who love me, All three have all been exceptionally successful. I measure their success by their academic and social achievements. One is entering her junior year at a University of California campus. My son has demonstrated strong leadership abilities at his elementary & middle schools with expectations to be a high achiever in high school this fall. My youngest daughter is probably the most educationally gifted in our family.

“I am a lifelong learner. My formal education was delayed until I retired with 21 years in the United States Army. Once I made certain my children got a head start, I returned to college and earned an Associate’s degree this Spring.

“I’ve spent the better part of my entire adulthood trying to do things in the community to make this city a city we all can be proud of….

“Though many of my contributions are not headliners, I have worked diligently to better my city by helping youth get out of gangs, preventing young persons from joining gangs, helping with community clean-up projects, being trained, teaching and implementing the MAP program, participating as a Monrovia Unified School District’s Watch Dog Dad, and serving on the Community Mediation Team (CMT) to reduce crime in the Monrovia Duarte and L A County area.

“Yes, I made some poor choices past. But I have worked continuously to atone for those choices and hope this Council and community will allow me to continue to contribute.

“When appointed to serve on the City Council, I accepted with the intent to do the best I could. As God is my witness, I am still resolved to do that.

“Again, Council and community, I apologize to you for my past actions and for not making this statement earlier. Monrovia is my home and is dear to my heart…”

Spicer was not without supporters at the meeting. Former Mayor Bob Bartlett spoke in support of Spicer as did former Duarte Mayor and Council Member Lois Gaston, MAP Leader Betty Thomas, attorney Ernesto Gonzales and Businessperson Pam Fitzpatrick. Also supporting him was his wife, Delphine.

Click on the Link Below for the PDFs of the complaints from neighbors


July 5, 2012

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