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You’ll Scream for This Ice Cream

The Stracciatella and Cold Brew Latte Chip flavored ice cream. – Courtesy photo by Jason Yassine



By Jason Yassine

If you’re looking for an ice cream shop that makes freshness their top priority, then Paradis (415 S. Myrtle Ave, Monrovia) is the place to be. Paradis originated in Denmark and launched in 2000. Shortly after its launch, it became an instant hit. The ice cream shop opened their first franchised café in 2005 and eventually expanded throughout the entire country. In 2009, Paradis made its way over to Los Angeles and continued its trend. Today, a Paradis sits in the heart of Old Town Monrovia directly across from Cold Stone Creamery.

When I first approached Paradis, I noticed the shop had a cozy café type theme. Upon entering, the theme continued with hardwood floors and comfortable looking chairs placed around the shop. On the left side of the room was a small glass display case with several different flavored ice creams. After gazing at the variety of ice cream, a friendly employee was there to assist me. I decided to choose two flavors, the Stracciatella and Cold Brew Latte Chip.

When tasting the Latte Chip, I was quite pleased. The ice cream was smooth and rich with a distinct, yet bold coffee taste to it. The chocolate chips were a great addition as it heightened the creamy coffee taste and provided an extra sweetness.

As for the Stracciatella, it was my favorite out of the duo. This ice cream wasn’t as sweet as the Latte Chip and was mainly milk based. It was very creamy and decadent leaving a refreshing after taste in my mouth. Like the Latte Chip, the chocolate chips in the Stracciatella added a sweetness flavor, which enhanced the rich taste of the ice cream.

I was quite satisfied with my experience at Paradis. Everything from the service, atmosphere and ice cream was on point. It is a definite go-to hotspot for rich and flavorful ice cream. They have a variety of unique flavors and the prices are fair. There isn’t an abundance of seating inside, but there were tables outside. The outdoor seating was comfortable and made the experience more enjoyable. If you’re ever near Old Town Monrovia definitely give this place a try. They had great ice cream and I would certainly come back again.

Have you ever tried Paradis? Let me know your experience in the comments below.

February 17, 2017

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