Monrovia Asks Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Tough Questions

Ralph Walker interviews gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom Saturday morning in Monrovia. –Courtesy photo / Joey Delgado

Gavin Newsom attends a Town Hall meeting sponsored by Community Media of the Foothills

By Terry Miller

Gavin Newsom, as mayor of San Francisco, was the first mayor to condone gay marriage in the state of California. Newsom was also instrumental in helping write gun control legislation as a state initiative two years ago. Pot? Yes, Newsom was also for that legalization long before it became trendy; proof positive he’s a liberal Democrat.

On Saturday, the Democratic candidate for Governor made a pit stop in Monrovia at Monrovia United Methodist Church for a Town Hall which was emceed by Community Media of the Foothills man about town, Ralph Walker.

Walker pulled no punches, as did most of those who wanted answers on the candidate’s beliefs and plans for California’s future.

According to Newsom’s website, “California is the fifth largest economy in the world and continues to show the world that an economy can thrive when it protects workers’ rights, environmental protection, civil rights, and vulnerable communities. Gavin understands that California remains an engine of economic growth when we stick up for our values.”

Walker asked Newsom some hard-hitting questions about his opponents’ campaign expenditures, in particular, the former mayor of Los Angeles. “18 Million dollars, a jaw-dropping amount of money…” Newsom said.

When Walker questioned Newsom about the relevance of ‘Black Lives Matter’ Newsom said, “What more evidence do we need to say we’ve failed the African American community in a systemic way? Black lives DO matter.”

Newsom then went off to his next town hall meeting in Long Beach.

May 31, 2018

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