Monrovia Mayor’s Positive Proclamations Prove Powerful at State of City Monday

Mayor Tom Adams and Gloria Grudgington enjoy the reception prior to the state of the city address Monday night – Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

Got to admit it’s getting better, better all the time Monrovia State of the City: very good and getting better

 By Susan Motander

In a presentation at one of the refurbished theaters at Movie Studio Grill on Monday night the Monrovia City Council presented its annual State of the City. According to the council the city is not only in good shape, but is getting even better. Mayor Tom Adams noted that Monday marked the 1000th day the five-member group had been working together. He and the other members of the council then went on to detail the accomplishments of the council and staff in that time period.

Each member of the council delineated a different aspect of efforts of the council. One thing was reiterated throughout the almost two-hour presentation: the strength and accomplishments of the city staff. The other oft mentioned point was the strength of the council working together effectively.

Some of the highlights of the last 1000 days included substantial economic growth with more than 300,000 additional square feet of office space with more than 2,000 new jobs. In addition work has started on approximately 1,700 units of housing.

There were several outstanding comments in the course of the evening.

In discussing the Monrovia Renewal program, Mayor Pro Tem Gloria Crudgington said that when the work is complete the city will have eliminated every sidewalk tripping hazard, adding, “Eat your heart out Los Angeles.” Of the Historical Santa Fe Depot, she said: “I was sitting in despair; it was sitting in disrepair” and she noted the depot will be formally rededicated on February 25th.

Council Member Alex Blackburn looked at the economic stability of the city. He outlined the steps the city had taken to deal with the issue, the CalPERS Response Plan (CPR Plan), saying it gave the CPR the needed to avoid insolvency, punning of the CPR of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.

Each member of the council focused on a different aspect of the city’s achievements. For a more detailed look at the issues covered by the council, please see the on line edition of this publication at

January 31, 2018

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