Monrovia Renewal South Section Construction to Break Ground in March

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Staff is working with Sequel Contractors, Inc., to coordinate the scheduling of construction activities to commence in the South Section of the Monrovia Renewal Project. In January 2018, Sequel Contractors, Inc. was awarded a contract to conduct the slated repairs and construct the South Section improvements in the area that includes everything located south of the 210 Freeway. The work will include removal and replacement of concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter, and driveway approaches, the replacement of water service lines, sewer lining and point repairs at various locations, pipeline and valve improvements to the City’s water system, installation of drainage improvements, and a complete battery of roadway improvements.

The contractor will begin to mobilize in early March and construction activities will begin around the week of March 12. The project duration is scheduled to be completed by the end of the calendar year, or within approximately nine months.

Three Stages of Construction Work:

There is a variety of work taking place, including underground utilities, concrete construction, and street construction. The work is being executed in stages to progress efficiently while minimizing impacts to the nearby residents and businesses. Work typically progresses in the following manner:

All necessary underground work related to water pipelines.

Repairs and replacements of curbs, gutters, and driveway approaches.

Street repairs and rehabilitation. Streets scheduled for repairs may receive one of four treatments: slurry seal which is a new sealant/top coat; micro-surfacing which is an enhanced type of slurry seal, a grind and overlay, which removes the top two inches of asphalt pavement and replaces it with new surface, or full reconstruction which means the street is removed down to dirt and fully reconstructed. In addition, streets paved with concrete will be repaired.

For the South project section, there will be an additional bit of work involved to install a sidewalk, trees, shrubs and irrigation on the north side of Duarte Avenue, east of California Avenue.

Prior to construction, the contractor will provide a number of notices and postings in the impacted areas.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the construction activities, please contact Public Works at (626) 932-5575 or  More information is also available at the Monrovia Renewal website

March 5, 2018

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