Cat Person?

Lifeline for Pets

By Darlene Papa

Move over, Crazy Cat Lady, the New York Times has reported that there is a growing link between men and cats*. Here’s proof of this in our own Pasadena backyard: According to Kathy, president of Lifeline, her husband, Andy, says he’s not as much of a cat person, but she’s not too sure about that.

Besides having 3 indoor cats, one of which was an outdoor feral that is becoming used to being inside, Kathy and Andy have 2 outdoor cats, Jeepers, a tuxedo cat, and Skeeter, an orange & white tabby. Try as she might, Kathy could not get the two boys inside. However, because it’s so cold at night, Andy leaves his Mancave, which is out in the “back 40,” open, so that Jeepers can go inside. Andy bought a futon for the Mancave and Jeepers has claimed it as his. Andy naps at times on it, and Jeepers is right by his side, purring up a storm.

As for Skeeter, Andy set up a canopy and made Skeeter a little bed by putting 2 chairs together with an afghan for padding. He bought a heat lamp to hang a couple of feet above the bed to keep Skeeter warm. That worked, but the light was too bright and Skeeter’s little eyes were squinting when the light was on. So . . . Andy put a heating blanket on top of the afghan and has it on all night for him.

The first thing Andy does each morning is go outside to his Mancave to check on his boys and put the food bowl down. He puts the bowl up at night because the possums and/or raccoons will go inside and eat all the food.

Maybe not every guy would go to all of this for a cat. But, as Andy says, “They’re our boys, and we have to take care of them!”

So, all you guys out there who proclaim not to be a cat person, it’s a new year! Start it off with a visit to your local cat rescue organization, such as Lifeline for Pets**. You just may find a new little buddy to share your loft! For more information visit Lifeline for Pets at, www.lifelineforpets.org.

February 6, 2018

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