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Letters to the Editor: Monrovia Resident Discusses Millennials


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Re: “Millennials Beat the Hassle of Flying Commercial” (Oct. 26 issue)

It would have been more accurate if the title of the  “Millennial Feed” article had begun with the word “Prosperous,” since the vast  majority of the millions of millennials are far from being wealthy.

Of course Tom Wyatt, the 33-year-old president of a private golf club who is mentioned in the article, can afford to travel in private jets and be served haute cuisine while he’s comfortably ensconced in an ergonomic armchair and working his phone.  As he says, “It’s just so simple and painless.”

In short, that article is really not about millennials after all.  It’s about people  who have abundant cash to spend as they wish — be they young…or old…or any age in between.

David Quintero


November 2, 2017

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