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Reader Outraged Over ‘Trump’s First 100 Days …’ (May 4 issue)

Trump’s first 100 days as president propelled him into the position as perhaps the most unpopular president in history. – Courtesy photo

Dear Editor,

I agree with Judy Chu’s scathing assessment of Trump’s first 100 days as president.

Nevertheless, perhaps we should give him credit for his sense of humor when, during an interview with the Associated Press, he asserted that he had done more than any other president in his first 100 days!

But if Trump is serious about what he said, then he’s also delusional.

It took 2 years for Americans to register disapproval of Ronald Reagan, 3-plus years for George H.W. Bush, 1-plus year for Bill Clinton, 3-plus years for George W. Bush, and 1-plus year for Barack Obama. How long did it take for Trump? Less than 100 days for his narcissistic and erratic behavior to propel him into the unenviable position as perhaps the most unpopular president in our history.

Donald Trump’s only qualification to be our president is that he was born here. In truth, he doesn’t represent American values –and has yet to learn the virtues that have made our land and our people so outstanding.

Americans embrace diversity. After all, most of us descend from foreigners, and many are foreign-born ourselves. Our collective hard work and innovative ideas are the catalysts that have made our country a productive land.

Unlike Trump who attracts white supremacists, true Americans distance themselves from those repulsive elements. His brand of Americanism is an insult to our ideals and to the spirit of our country.

Frankly, I fear that fascist. If the worst of my fears come true, I hope one of my Anglo friends will hide me in his attic.

David Quintero


May 12, 2017

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