Letters to the Editor: Re: “Deer Slaughtered by Bow Hunter in Monrovia Neighborhood” (Sept. 21 Issue)

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Dear Editor:

Here we go again with the story about the deer poacher on Gold Hills. For what it is worth, I have been hiking the forest and the foothills for at least 60 years. During this time I have seen many bow hunters. The sad thing is that none of them were hunting legally. They were hunting within City limits, or were on trails or roads. The fact is, if they were hunting legally within the Angeles National Forest they would not be successful. The deer in the forest are fewer and much more timid. I am not saying that there aren’t legal bow hunters, I have never seen one. The story is always, ” I shot the deer in the forest and it ran into the neighborhood.” Yeah, sure. In this case the hunter was at least a mile from the forest and was unlucky enough to be caught on video. I sincerely hope they throw the book at this jerk. Unfortunately, the Fish and Game are too busy answering calls to have time to patrol. The best way to prevent this is for the public to report suspicious activity in the foothills.

Glen Owens


October 2, 2017

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