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Opposition to L.A. County’s Outdoor Dining Ban Grows

Owners, government officials and residents question the decision By Terry Miller Last Wednesday, L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said that by early December the...


Monrovia Association of Fine Arts Presents ChalksGiving

The Monrovia Association of Fine Arts encourages amateurs, families, students and professionals to create chalk art displays on driveways or sidewalks from Nov. 26-29 and...

‘Tis the Season for Celebration at the Inaugural Dodgers Holiday Festival

The 2020 World Champion Los Angeles Dodgers will host a drive-thru holiday festival beginning Friday, Nov. 27, complete with a holiday light show, LED...



Mountains, Movie Stars and Small-Town History in Independence, California

By Greg Aragon While recently charting my course to California’s Eastern Sierra, I spotted a tiny town on the map called Independence. It was located...


Sailor’s Brew Coffee Gives Back to Veterans This Week

Sailor’s Brew Coffee is a Pasadena-based wholesale coffee company, a passion project born from native Pasadenan Trévon Sailor’s love for coffee and...



Alternative Baseball Batting for a Home Run in Pasadena

A coach gives pointers before a game. | Photo courtesy of Alternative Baseball Organization By May...


Career Corner: Work-Life Balancing Act

By Angela Copeland Maintaining a healthy work-life balance has always been important. In the past, finding balance was easier. It was obvious when you left...

Career Corner: Your WFH Performance Evaluation

By Angela Copeland This has been a crazy year. What we thought would be two weeks of working from home has turned into an entire...

Career Corner: Commuting to a Zoom Meeting

By Angela Copeland Has your work changed as a result of the pandemic? If you have a corporate desk job, the answer may very well...

Mental Health Advice with Stan: How to Manage Your Depression During These Difficult Times

By Stanley Popovich It can be very challenging to stay upbeat and positive during these challenging times. Many people are experiencing depression and loneliness and...

Career Corner: This Job Interview is Downright Chilling!

By Angela Copeland Happy Halloween! In celebration, I want to share one of my own frightening job interview stories. Years ago, I interviewed for a job...


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