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Daily Archives: May 14, 2019

Career Corner: Salary Laws – Are They Helping?

By Angela Copeland I hope you’ve heard the exciting news! Many states and some cities have updated their hiring laws. In many places, employers can...

Monrovia Old Town Website Is Now Live

The Old Town Advisory Board (MOTAB) has developed a comprehensive and interactive website, aimed at providing the community a one-stop-shop to find information about...

Monrovia City Council Tentatively Approves Proposed Spending Plan for Potential Sales Tax Measure

Staff for the City of Monrovia has coordinated more than a dozen outreach meetings over the past few months to discuss the possibility of...

Monrovia High Principal to Speak at Monrovia League’s May Meeting

May 21 will be the last meeting of the year for the Monrovia League, but they will resume in September. The group’s meeting for this...

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