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Daily Archives: June 12, 2019

Career Corner: What Getting a Job and Car Insurance Have in Common

By Angela Copeland If you've ever switched jobs, you know it can be hard – really hard. I'm not talking about getting the same job...

MUSD Celebrates 2018-19 Successes at Wild Rose School of Creative Arts

Monrovia families are buzzing about expansions in instructional options at Wild Rose School, including this year’s successful restructuring as a School of Creative Arts...

Summer Reading Program Begins in Monrovia

By Susan Motander Perhaps one of the greatest joys in childhood is the day someone in the neighborhood buys a major appliance: a dishwasher, a...

ABC Signature Studios to Film in Old Town Monrovia

On Thursday, ABC Signature Studios will be filming for a project titled “Winslow” in Old Town Monrovia on both sides of Myrtle Avenue between...

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