Another Great Animal Story by Nubie, aka Marisela Adams

Marisela’s husband, Jim, is a financial advisor, but also a licensed pilot. – Courtesy photo

By Joan Schmidt

I wonder how many local residents have heard of my friend, author, Marisela Adams? Marisela actually was born in Mexico; her great-grandfather, Don Marcelino and grandfather Jesus were great friends to Kickapoo Chieftain Papicuno, who often came to their Hacienda. When Maricela was a young child, the family relocated to Texas and then California so Marisela could receive a good education. She received her teaching degree at Cal State LA, where she met her husband, Jim. It was “Hate at first Sight”! But he pursued her; they are happily married with two children and four grandchildren.

Marisela is multi-talented. Not only did she teach, but was a high school counselor. However, she always loved writing, and has written stories since childhood. It was Jim who told her it was time to follow her dream, so she did. As a successful fiction writer, she penned a mystery trilogy, Breaking Faith and also a spy thriller, KissZZZzzz, about a double agent.

Marisela’s husband, Jim, is a financial advisor, but also a licensed pilot. He flew her to New Orleans; they traveled outside of town to a perfect setting and it’s the beautiful cover of Breaking Faith.

Marisela is also a children’s author, her pseudonym is “Nubie”, after her daughter, “Danube”. Last April I wrote about her delightful book, Kiki The Bear: A True Story by Nubie. Kiki’s story began while she was still a cub. She was tagged but obviously orphaned and appeared at the Adams’ home. She feasted on their great fruit trees and swam in the neighbors’ pool for two years. But Kiki wandered down the road, and eventually was relocated.

“Nubie”(Marisela) current story, “Fly-Away-Hester” was inspired when visiting friends in Laurel, Montana. Irma had a pond which was full of swans, ducks and Canadian geese. One day while paddling among the swans and geese, Marisela got the idea to tell the true story of “Hester”, a cygnet (baby swan) born in Irma’s pond, but flew away into the night, right into rain and snow. The cygnet was too young to take care of itself, and this story relates Irma’s difficult journey through snow and rain to find her cygnet.

Marisela confided to me it is harder to prepare children’s stories than novels. The writing of the story itself is not difficult, but there must be more to hold the child’s interest. The pictures are phenomenal-all done by her husband Jim. Marisela acknowledges Jim, her technical support. “I wrote the story, but he really did the book. The incredible way he blended photographs and colors of the book was magical. The beauty…is really in the technological support. Children will enjoy the telling of the story by looking at wonderful, colorful pictures. They will love meeting this family of birds at Irma-Love Pond.”

Marisela told me the book is dedicated to “Irma Richardson with all our love, for enriching Jim’s and my life with a close insight into the wonderful world of swans, ducks and geese.” Visit Marisela’s website and click on books, then click on children’s books. Contact Marisela Adams, P.O. Box 1084, Duarte, CA 91009. ISBN: 97817967702101.


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