City of Monrovia Announces Sidewalk Poetry Contest Winning Poems

Once of the poems you can find around town. - Courtesy photo / Facebook, @MonroviaCalifornia
Once of the poems you can find around town. – Courtesy photo / Facebook, @MonroviaCalifornia

The City of Monrovia recently announced the winners of the Art in Public Places’ second annual Sidewalk Poetry Contest, aka Footnotes.

The sidewalk poems program works in conjunction with the Monrovia Renewal Project and adds an element of surprise for pedestrians who may stumble across a piece of poetry imprinted in the ground.

Monrovia residents submitted over a dozen entries for this year’s contest and the selection committee was comprised of members of the Art in Public Places Committee, along with city staff.

“It was such a wonderful time reading through the entries,” said Mayor Tom Adams, who also serves as a committee member of Arts in Public Places. “We hope community members and visitors will enjoy the surprise.”

The 2019 Sidewalk Poetry Contest Winners are:

  • Edna Teller.
  • Grace Howe.
  • Maria Ramirez.
  • Ray Mercieca.
  • Rena Delgado.
  • Scott Iler.

To view the winning poems and other Art in Public Places projects, click here. If you have any questions regarding the Sidewalk Poetry Program, contact Ariel Tolefree-Williams by calling (626) 932-5563 or emailing


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