Fun Things to do While Practicing Social Distancing

By LaVielle Hibbert

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has a lot of people hoarding groceries and household supplies and hiding away from the public so they won’t be victims of the virus themselves.

But being at home can get tiresome quickly. Here are some fun and safe ways to have fun at home while social distancing:


There are many home-workout videos and routines that you can find online to keep those extra pounds away while you sit at home and wait for this virus to blow over. Pull out your yoga mats, kettlebells/weights and work those muscles. Another alternative to kettlebells could be gallon jugs of water or the strap from your yoga mat for some endurance training.

Binge watch movies and shows

This is the perfect time to catch up on your favorite TV shows and movies that you have been procrastinating to watch. No need to record them on your DVRs. Just go ahead and watch all the seasons in one sitting if you can.

Get fresh air

Take a walk but remain 6 feet away from others while on your walk, utilize your personal pool, if you have one, or dust off that patio furniture and have a seat outside. Take advantage of the weather

Have a spa day

Give yourself the most relaxing spa treatment all done in the comfort of your home. Light some candles, turn on some relaxing tunes, throw on a robe, spread that face mask on and let all your stress just melt away.

Spring clean

The majority of us like to hang on to things that we don’t need. Use this opportunity to clean out your closets and see what you do not need. You might discover some cool stuff you may have forgotten that you had.

Catch up on sleep

It is a known fact that we are sleep deprived. Turn off your alarm clocks and just sleep. No harm done.

Learn a new language

Habla español? Stop making excuses. Being bilingual is beneficial and you know this. You just procrastinated and made excuses as to why you didn’t want to learn a new language. Now is the time.

Arts and crafts

Many of you are stuck at home with the kids. By now, you are probably pulling your hair out trying to keep them occupied. This is the perfect time to pull out all the art supplies and to put those creative minds to work.

Create a zen work spot

You’ve always dreamt of working from home. Just roll out of bed in your PJs and open your laptops while sitting on the couch. Let’s not kick the old routine to the side. Instead, jazz up a nice corner in your home and make a home office. You can probably still wear your PJs. Just put on a blazer to have a laugh.


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