Hundreds Observe Hot Dog Devotees Devour Dog Haus’ Signature Dish


Jimmy “the Jaws” Lin of Anaheim can really cut the mustard.
Lin managed to devour 11 hot dogs and the corresponding buns into his mouth Saturday afternoon.
Why? Because he could, and was able to stuff $300 in his wallet as a result of the win. That’ll buy a lot more dogs for Lin.
The inaugural Dog Haus Biergarten Hot Dog Eating Contest was a smashing success according to organizers and it all went down (literally) this past weekend on Saturday July 6.
While Jimmy “The Jaws” Lin of Anaheim ate his way through some serious hot dogs, a three way tie led to an eat-off .
These aren’t your typical hot dogs. These are Haus Dogs which come wrapped in grilled King’s Hawaiian Rolls.
Eight contestants vied for Top Dog honors in the competition that called for them to eat as many as they could in seven minutes. Rolls and all!
After consuming eight hot dogs each in the allotted time, contestants Naaber Reda of Victorville and Orie Lupear of Highland joined Jimmy “The Jaws” in three-way tiebreaker.
The fun and festivities flowed in a packed Haus from Noon to 4:00pm and featured a DJ, a host of patio games, prizes, cool Dog Haus swag and visits from breweries including Stone Brewing Co. and Karl Strauss Brewery, both from San Diego, LA’s own Golden Road Brewery, Angel City Brewery from downtown LA and Bootlegger’s Brewery from Fullerton.

“It’s a strange ritual” said one bystander/partygoer at the inaugural Dog Haus Biergarten Hot Dog Eating Contest in Old Pasadena Saturday.
The event corresponded with National Hot Dog Month.
The Dog Haus contest was fashioned, in part, after the famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in New York. In the Big Apple on Thursday Joey Chestnut of San Jose broke his own world record by consuming 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

Dog Haus Biergarten is located at 93 East Green Street in Old Pasadena.
For more information about Dog Haus, visit Dog Haus can also be found on social networking sites including facebook (Dog Haus), Foursquare (Dog Haus) and twitter (dog_haus).
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