Kicking in the New Year with 3000 New Friends


Revelers packed Old Town Monrovia Saturday night to celebrate the inaugural New Years Celebration. Restaurants were open to make sure the community of Monrovia had a festive New Years. Rudy Cancrellon, owner Rudy’s Restaurant provided the wine and beer garden in the middle of Myrtle along with party favorites and New Years hats. This event was sponsored by The Old Town Merchants Association in conjunction with Kiwanis of Monrovia and other sponsors. As the ‘Lance & Gary Show’ played their music, people young and old danced the night away. An estimated 3,000 people attended the event. Mayor Mary Ann Lutz was filled with jubilation and stated, “This was a success and we definitely want to have this next year.” While others celebrated the ball being dropped in Times Square, Monrovia elevated the glowing ball like a rising sun on a new year. Happy 2012.
JB11911rtglowingball -Photos by Jennifer Boone


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