Monrovia Historical Society Unveils 83 Monrovia History Videos

The Monrovia Historical Society has unveiled a set of 83 videos on Monrovia history featuring Monrovia Historical Society President and City Historian Steve Baker.

During this months-long “Monrovia Stories” project, Historical Society Vice President Sandy Burud interviewed Baker — a fifth generation Monrovian with a gift for storytelling —  about the great bank robbery of 1908, a murder, an explosion, the fire that destroyed the city’s grand old hotel, early architecture, churches, schools, movie theaters, film studios, and dozens more topics.

A selection of videos is on the Monrovia Historical Society website, but many more are on its YouTube channel.

The Monrovia Historical Society’s goal is to “preserve and share Monrovia’s historical legacy” through the George H. Anderson House at 215 E. Lime and the Legacy Project, an online collection of 6,000 historic photos and papers.

For more information visit the Monrovia Historical Society web page at


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