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Monrovia’s House of Windsor Author Goes Back in Time


/ 1 – Employees dressed in World War II era dress as part of the book signing. – Courtesy photo / John Atherton (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The House of Windsor held a book signing for Daphne Maddison’s first book, “The Last Gift,” with employees dressed in World War II era dress and big band music in the background. The book is the story of the author’s search for the sister she never met.

At the end of the war, Maddison’s mother had given birth to a daughter.  Maddison’s grandmother forced the unwed mother to give the child up for adoption.  She never spoke of the child to the three children she later had with the man she married.  As his life was slowly closing, Maddison’s father spoke of the child he never had the chance to hold.  Ultimately, Maddison’s mother explained.

Daphne Maddison was on-hand to sign copies of her book. – Courtesy photo / House of Windsor

Then began the several-years search for Maddison’s sister.  Through a series of what Maddison calls “God winks,” her sister was located near Manchester, England, and mother and daughter were reunited for a visit in the United States.

More than a hundred people gathered on Saturday to purchase the book and get the author’s personal dedication.  British flags flew (even the family dog, Scooter, sported a Union Jack blanket) and Pimm’s Cups were served.  Conversation was lively among those attending.

July 2, 2018

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