Nico Cartosio Set to Release Anticipated Album This Spring

Newest single showcases this young composer’s talent

Composer Nico Cartosio is expected to release his new album, “The Longest Night in Limbo,” on April 17, 2019. His latest single, “Christmas on the Moon,” was release independently on Dec. 15 and will appear in the upcoming April album.

Cartosio burst onto the scene in 2018, releasing tracks that have gained instant attention and acclamation amassing almost 6 million views already due to the videos’ intriguing cinematic plotlines.

“Christmas On The Moon” features world renowned orchestra conductor Gavin Greenaway, who has worked on films such as “Inception,” “Star Wars,” Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, “Pearl Harbor” and many more alongside modern composer heavyweights such as Hans Zimmer, John Williams, and John Powell.

The violin that can be heard throughout “Christmas on the Moon” is performed by famed chamber musician John Mills who is the co-leader of the English Chamber Orchestra and for the past 10 years has been the leader of the highly acclaimed Tippett Quartet, performing, and broadcasting widely across the UK and worldwide.

Intrigued by music from a young age, Cartosio was always inspired by everyday sounds and human interaction he witnesses around him, opting to make sense of these connections in the world he perceives through intricate melodies.

Nico Cartosio. – Courtesy photo

“A girl smiles at me, and I hear how she sounds. It is a specific tune. She frowns and instantaneously, the melody changes in my head, from a flute solo to a cello,” says Cartosio.

“Christmas on the Moon” sees Cartosio flip the tradition of uplifting Christmas music on its head and present the listener with a nuanced take on the “most wonderful time of the year.”

Celebmix gushed, “With his musical elegance, Cartosio appears to be one of the most interesting composers in today’s world.”

Pop Spotlight shared the sentiment and explained, “Much sought after by music industry professionals and artistic collaborators for his matchless versatility, Cartosio’s innovative soundwork, and expansive range of musical styles, has complemented every performance he has given.”

In true neo-romanticism style, Cartosio’s newest single is an emotional composition as tender piano keys guide the vulnerable violin across dramatic swells and subtle melancholic soundscapes. As each bar progresses, the listener is drawn into the heart and mind of Nico Cartosio as you can’t help but be swept away by the ice-cold and glimmering melody.

On the violent and action packed music video, Cartosio explains, “The story of ‘Christmas on the [Moon]’ music video takes place on the streets of my favorite city, where occasional shootings happened when I was in my teens. The plot is based on a real story from my childhood, some fiction, and on some magic as well – it’s impossible to separate these things on a Christmas night. Sometimes your only protector from a bullet is a teddy bear…”

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