Street Rods Forever to Hold Annual Car Show on Myrtle

- Courtesy photo.
- Courtesy photo.
– Courtesy photo.


The annual Myrtle Avenue Car Show will be put on by Street Rods Forever this weekend. As a result of concerns voiced by some members of the mayor’s Old Town Advisory Board, a few rules will be more strictly enforced this year.

The classic car club will be paying for the two Monrovia Police Officers who will be at the car show on bicycle patrol. The group will also have members at each intersection to provide directions and ensure a safe show. In a further effort to be sure the show remains as safe as possible, there will be large trucks blocking the street on the north and south ends of the show.

All participants have been reminded that alcohol is not allowed on the street and participants will not be allowed to leave early. In the event of an emergency requiring a participant to leave early, that vehicle will be escorted out of the show by a representative of Street Rods Forever.

The Car Show will also coincide with the city’s celebration of Zip Code Day in Library Park.


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