The Devils Made Them Do It

DSC 2673 -Photo by Terry Miller

It only took a mere 45 years, but the Los Angeles Kings have finally won the Stanley Cup.
There was no shortage of places to go to watch the historic game in Pasadena if you didn’t want to pay the $1200 for a ticket ‘in the gods’.
Many fans showed up at Lucky Baldwin’s Trappise pub in East Pasadena to witness the game and were not dissappointed to see the Kings destroy the NJ Devils 6-1 Monday night at Staples Center. Goalie Jonathan Quick captured the Conn Smythe Trophy as the MVP of the playoffs.
One American citizen told a British subject, who just happened to be at the watering hole, ” You guys may have the Queen in England but baby, we’ve got the KINGS in LA.” There will be a victory parade in LA today.


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