Trumpetist David Longoria to lend musical talents to DHS fundraising spring concert

Internationally known trumpetist David Longoria will lend his musical talents for Duarte High School Jazz Band and Concert Band’s fundraising Spring Concert Friday, May 31, at the Duarte Performing Arts Center.
Longoria, who earned numerous prestigious awards, performed on tracks that created a wall full of gold records, and headlined at auditoriums, amphitheatres, and concert stages, is perhaps best known for his previous No. 14 Billboard Chart hit “Deeper Love” featuring Longoria and singer CeCe Peniston, and his recent instrumental hit “Zoon Baloomba,” which rose to No. 21 on the Billboard Dance Chart a few months ago.
“Zoon Baloomba” received high acclaim and is touted as the first time a trumpeter has charted on Billboard’s Dance/Pop music charts since Herb Albert’s 1979 instrumental hit “Rise.”
Longoria also earned accolades for his recent 90-minute PBS special “Baila!” a timeless and colorful performance that covers a vast territory of vocal and instrumental music including Jazz, Club, Classical, Pop, Salsa & Flamenco.
However, receiving awards, hitting the high notes and thrilling the masses with his golden trumpet and inimitable agile-lipped cadenzas and musical stylings isn’t all there is to David Longoria.
Longoria enjoys using his talents to spark interest and compel young people to enjoy similar passions for music.
“Inspiring kids is very important to me as an artist, I cherish every memory of my childhood, when I was encouraged, mentored and taught by those who cared enough to do it,” Longoria says.
Longoria grew up playing a second-hand trumpet (the same golden trumpet he has cherished and refurbished through the years) through The Salvation Army (TSA) music programs in the state of Washington. He attended TSA music camps and learned from its weekly community band practices with volunteer tutelage.
Longoria says he sees a similar passion for inspiring young people to a love of music in Duarte High School Band Director Richard Torres.
Longoria, a local resident for about 4 years, met Torres a few years ago at a Duarte car wash the band director had organized to help pay for band instruments and other needed items for music students.
“Richard Torres is a great hands-on guy who was there on a Saturday washing cars alongside his students,” Longoria recalls. “That kind of dedication deserves the help of those of us who want to support these students who are our neighbors.”
Longoria and Torres talked for a while at the car wash, and exchanged information, knowing eventually they’d find a way to work together to help Duarte’s young musicians, Longoria says.
Due to budget cuts, and limited resources, as is the case with many school music programs across the state and country, Duarte Unified School District doesn’t offer a lot of music programs for students until they get into middle school, where Rich Torres also teaches.
“Rich is starting many of the kids off from nothing. But, he puts everything he can into teaching the kids about good music,” Longoria says.
Torres says he and the Duarte Falcon Boosters are constantly looking for ways to raise funds for the growing instrumental music program at Duarte High School.
“Besides the day to day expenses of having a music program, we are trying to raise money for a few specific things,” he says. “First, we are looking to buy more instruments for the students to use … specifically marimbas, vibraphones, tubas, and French horns.”
Torres’ second goal for his music program is to fund the purchase of a 20-foot trailer to use in transporting equipment to competitions and performances. “It has been a struggle to get our group to competitions without the necessary transportation equipment,” he says.
Bringing in an internationally known recording artist as part of a Duarte High music concert is a first, Torres says.
“I am always trying to find ways to expose my students to great music, great performers, and great performances. Working with David will be such an exciting experience, not only for myself but for my students,” he says, adding, “To play with such an acclaimed artist as David
Longoria will definitely be a memorable experience for all of the performers. It really puts into perspective the work these students put into their craft; that their work can lead to great successes in life like David has experienced. My students can’t wait to perform with him!”
The Duarte High School Spring Concert is at 7 p.m., May 31, at Duarte Performing Arts Center, 401 Highland Ave., Duarte. Cost is $10 for adults and $5 for students with ID.
To learn more, on the web: twitter/Instagram: @davidlongoria7


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