Basin 141 Preparing to Open on Myrtle Avenue in Monrovia

Basin 141 hopes to open later this month. - Courtesy photo
Basin 141 hopes to open later this month. – Courtesy photo

By Susan Motander

A new brewpub is coming to Myrtle Avenue in Monrovia, Basin 141. With the opening of this location soon, Basin 141 officially becomes a “chain” as this is their second site. Their open location is on Honolulu Avenue in Montrose, but the new Monrovia location is set to open at the southeast corner of Lime and Myrtle avenues. The projected opening date is Nov. 26, but it had been Nov. 19 (not their fault, the Health Department changed their appointment).

It is an adult only establishment; you must be 21 to enter. To get an idea of the mixed menu, check out their website at and click on menus. The same site also shows photographs of their Montrose location. The Monrovia site has a similar vibe but has a second Private Room that can be booked for private meetings or parties. In addition to having 20 brews on tap (with 10 waiting on deck, more on that later), there will also be a full bar.

There are televisions for sports viewing. In the Private Room (which when not booked can be used for overflow from the main dining room) there will be three more sets that can also be used for video or power point presentations from those who book it (or the renters can just set it to the games they want to watch).

The concept of having visiting taps allows the owners to vary the menu. There will be the set three regular taps and 10 visiting brews available at the same time. Those waiting in what they refer to as “on deck” are the next brews to be added when one of the visiting kegs is finished. If you are waiting for an on deck tap just check back later in the week; you may be surprised.

With luck they will open on Nov. 26. Keep your eye on that corner just up the street from Movie Studio Grill.


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