Dual Crossroads Sheds New Light on New Age

Dual Crossroads exterior
Located at a literal crossroads in South Pasadena, Dual Crossroads makes New Age spirituality accessible with its array of gifts, clothing, accessories, home decor, crystals, soaps and popular candles made by Maimone herself. – Photo by Emily G. Peters

By Emily G. Peters

Located at a literal crossroads by the Metro Gold Line in South Pasadena, Dual Crossroads invites you to explore your light and dark sides at this New Age boutique. Barely a year old, the shop got its start when owner Jennifer Maimone saw the light at the end of her corporate tunnel.

“I founded Dual Crossroads in 2016, just a month after leaving my corporate job. I wanted my own business; one that fueled my passions,” said Maimone. “Ever since I was in sixth grade, I’ve been enthralled by the world of spirituality, paranormal and mysticism. I’ve studied it intently, and created works of art and published literature based on it. Opening Dual Crossroads furthered this creativity.”

The shop reflects the duality of Maimone’s interests, from clothing to crystals to her popular candles. Similar to the processes she teaches in her workshops, many items are created and sold with the intent to heal.

“Just like how every painting is different from one artist to another, my candles are different because I put myself into them. I put my time, dedication and energy towards making exceptional candles with cleansing or relaxing properties,” said Maimone. “I also add a little flourish to each candle upon completion, like with my number one-seller, the White Sage Soy Candle. I tie on a piece of sage for burning and a quartz crystal for meditation or healing rituals.”

While select corners do brim with the gothic and grotesque, this isn’t Hot Topic. Dual Crossroads has a warm sophistication that makes the New Age perspective more accessible to the average passerby. Here, Halloween is at home with twinkling Christmas decor and French cafe music—an impressive feat by anyone’s estimation. And although Maimone affirms that we all have a bit of darkness in us, light takes precedence at Dual Crossroads.

Jennifer Maimone Dual Crossroads
Jennifer Maimone, owner and founder of Dual Crossroads, will celebrate her shop’s one-year anniversary in December 2017. – Photo by Emily G. Peters

“I don’t sell things that attempt to access dark spirits, like Ouija boards,” she said, remarking on the number of people she’s turned down, asking for spells. “I try to teach others about how to cleanse our own outlook rather than interfering with someone’s free will.”

With the shop’s one year anniversary around the corner on December 14th, Maimone plans to use the occasion to give back to her community in South Pasadena. “There’s going to be a party to celebrate where we’ll have hors d’oeuvres, music, and will be raffling off prizes to a few lucky winners,” she said. Coupled with her holiday toy drive, food drive and upcoming workshops, Maimone is looking forward to a bright future in South Pasadena.

“Whether one is a business owner or a patron, the people of South Pasadena are extraordinarily helpful and supportive of each other,” she said. “There is a real sense of ‘family’ here, and I can’t think of a better place to be when starting a new business.”

Dual Crossroads is located at 1005-B Mission Street in South Pasadena and is open every day but Tuesday. Contact the boutique at www.dualcrossroads.com | info@dualcrossroads.com | 626.394.4068 and follow along on Facebook and Instagram @dualcrossroads.



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