Imprintability Makes Branding Virtually Limitless

Imprintability promotional business cards
Stone’s slogan? “You can’t be everywhere, but your logo can!” - Courtesy photo
Jennifer Stone founder of Imprintability
Jennifer Stone founded Imprintability in 2005 to help other businesses grow through branding and promotional items – Courtesy photo

By Emily G. Peters

“You can’t be everywhere, but your logo can.” This is the slogan of Imprintability, a printing and promotional products business founded by owner Jennifer Stone in 2005. It’s the kind of brand-forward thinking that’s allowed Stone to transform her lone-wolf operation into a successful business.

I do the sales, the marketing, the estimates, the orders, the artwork, the invoicing, everything,” said Stone, who began as a cashier at Staples in 1993 and worked her way up to operations manager. A classic definition of a self-starter, her interest in printing inspired her to launch a side business, ultimately becoming Imprintability. Yet deciding to go solo meant deciding to go all-in.

“I soon realized that there was no way to grow the business while still working for Staples 50–60 hours a week,” said Stone. “I took a leap of faith and resigned to work full-time on Imprintability. This October, we’re turning 12 years old!”

Imprintability is all about helping other businesses boost their brand exposure. Clients can select from over 700,000 promotional items—meaning you can get your logo on virtually anything.

Imprintability promotional business cards
Stone’s slogan? “You can’t be everywhere, but your logo can!” – Courtesy photo

“Imprintability offers printing, promo items, signs and banners, awards & plaques etc. Just about anything you would use to promote your business, I can help with,” said Stone. And some clients have gotten plenty creative with their branding.

“We’ve had many interesting jobs, but two that stick out in my mind are a corset-shaped key chain for The Wizard of Bras here in Monrovia. Another was a floss dispenser for Dr. Q Dental that was head-shaped and had fuzzy red hair on top. The floss came out of the teeth on the face!”

Imprintability represents that harmonious shop-small mentality that’s become one of the hallmarks of Monrovia’s business culture. Stone’s glowing testimonials and reviews are packed with local entrepreneurs and organizations based in and near the city, calling her services “white glove” and “above-and-beyond.” And although Imprintability began in Duarte, the relationships Stone established in Monrovia inspired her to get more involved around the area.

“I’m currently on the boards of the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce and Monrovia Reads. I’m a past president of the Monrovia Chamber of Commerce, but still currently a member, and am also a past board member of the Santa Anita Family YMCA and the Kiwanis Club of Monrovia,” she said. “When I joined the Monrovia Chamber of Commerce, I found an amazing community of people. After that, there was no other place I would have thought to have my business.”

As more businesses take root in Monrovia, Imprintability’s services are likely to remain in high-demand. Being a part of their success stories is what makes it all worth it for Stone.

“The part I love most about my business is that I get to build relationships with people and help them grow their own businesses,” she said. “Imprintability has heart.”

Imprintability is located at 128 E. Palm Street, second floor in Monrovia. Contact Stone at 626.357.7845 | | and follow Imprintability on Facebook and Twitter @imprintability.


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