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Tech Rockstars Making IT Easy for Small-to-Medium Businesses

Tech Rockstars Monrovia Steven Price

Founded by owner Steven Price, Tech Rock Stars in Monrovia provides IT support to small-to-medium sized businesses, grounding its services in the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have done unto you. – Courtesy photo

By Emily G. Peters

Technical difficulties: every business has them, but not all have the infrastructure to cope with them. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses, finding IT support that’s both adequate and affordable can seem like the holy grail. For some, Tech Rockstars in Monrovia has become just that.

“Tech Rockstars is not your typical managed service company. We help  businesses manage, grow and secure their business technology and build proprietary systems to save them money over time” said Steven Price. To achieve this, the company holds to three tenets: accessibility, accountability and the Golden Rule.

“Our industry often points fingers at other tech companies, saying it’s not their problem but someone else’s,” said Price. “But we’ll stand for you in the middle and work things out, believing in ‘do unto others as you would have done unto you.’”

Price’s future career in tech seemed fated from an early age. As a kid he’d reverse-engineer electronics, a practice sparked by his parents.

My dad, an electronic engineer, taught me electronic building blocks while I was sitting on his lap, and mom taught me basic programming. I found it interesting that you could just type in some code and tell a computer what to do,” explained Price. “I was programming my own software by the time I was in second and third grade.”

Opening in 2003, Tech Rockstars offers a full suite of tech services including hosting services, data backup/recovery, security and more. Every year, the company learns more about developing technology—and how tough it can be for smaller businesses to keep up.

“Many think hiring just one tech guy will save money and deliver everything the company needs, but we’ve never found this to be true. We’ve been put in situations where that ‘one tech guy’ is missing-in-action, putting the company at risk because that one person has all the passwords in his or her head,” said Price. “That’s why it’s best to have a team of experts working for you to augment the maintenance of your technology.”

To meet these growing needs, Tech Rockstars invests in its own staff and local students to source new tech talent.

We foster a continuous learning environment to learn the latest technology and improve the security around it,” said Price. “We’re also working working with schools like Mt Sierra College to give feedback on how to improve curriculum for the real world—that way we can hire students out of school with minimal training.”

There are simple things businesses can do to ease tech woes—like always backing up data offsite and staying on top of tech dangers (Price suggests “Future Crimes” by Marc Goodman as a resource). Yet that tenuous relationship between risks and rewards makes Tech Rockstars’ support more relevant than ever.

“Technology has brought both good and bad into our lives—on one side there’s convenience, on the other it’s opened doors to exploit others and has caused us to be very dependent on it,” said Price. Yet with proper help, IT doesn’t need to be scary.

“Tech Rockstars strives to serve each client with a can-do attitude along with a proper dose of positivity,” said Price. “It’s just the right thing to do.”

Tech Rockstars is located at 850 S. Myrtle Ave. in Monrovia. For more information, contact Tech Rockstars at | (626) 538-9903 and follow along on Instagram and Facebook @techrockstars.

September 5, 2018

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