Contactless Lawn Care Service Now Available in Monrovia

Photo by Daniel Watson on Unsplash

A contactless solution that enables lawn care services during the COVID-19 pandemic is now available in Monrovia.

Lawn Love allows customers to remotely schedule, manage, and pay for lawn care services. Quotes are generated using satellite imaging technology to map the size of a lawn. If a customer wants to go ahead with the service at that price they are automatically paired with a local contractor.

Once the service is complete, users can pay with a credit card through the Lawn Love platform, removing the need for any social interaction between a homeowner and the lawn care provider.

“Our system has removed any of the face to face interaction that is typically required between a lawn care provider and homeowner when providing estimates or picking up payments,” said founder and CEO, Jeremy Yamaguchi.

Lawn Love has partnered with a number of lawn care businesses in the Monrovia area and is providing them with the resources needed to continue to operate while adhering to social distancing regulations. “The average lawn care company in Monrovia lacks the resources to modernize their business models to adhere to social distancing regulations. By working with Lawn Love, these local lawn care professionals can get out there, do a good service in the community, and continue making money for their business and their families” said Yamaguchi.

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