County Health Officials Descend Upon Monrovia Restaurants for Code Violations

Rudy Castrellon has been in Monrovia since 1994 and never experienced anything like this year’s business protocols. | Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

Rudy’s Mexican Restaurant was ordered to close for at least 7 days

By Terry Miller

In what is already an extraordinarily difficult and unprecedented time for restaurants, county health officials visited Myrtle Avenue Thursday afternoon. The visits upset not only owners of the businesses, but also scores of diners who were trying to enjoy a late lunch.

Monrovia Weekly attempted to speak with four county officials; however, they declined comment and referred us to their website.

Rudy Castrellon has been in Monrovia since 1994 and has never experience anything like this year’s business protocols due to COVID-19. While he admits he has been warned about the protocols, he says it’s confusing and restrictive.

Notice of closure at Rudy’s. | Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

County health inspectors placed a sign on Rudy’s door announcing the closure while employees and family members took in tables and chairs that had been carefully placed outside to conform with the no indoor dining ordinance.

County Health Inspector Zen Lau talks with another restaurant owner Thursday. | Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

In addition to Rudy’s, many other establishments were handed out fines of $500 or more—to the anger of restauranteurs—some, allegedly, for arguing.

It appears that many sidewalk restaurants have been either warned, fined or temporarily shut down while they attempt to comply with the restrictions.

County health inspectors confront employees at Jake’s Roadhouse on Thursday. | Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

Beacon Media has reached out the the health department for comment. We will publish more as warranted.


  1. I think this post is putting a lot of blame on the county health officials that are just trying to do their job and comply with CA and County laws. Knowing rules and regulations is part of owning a business, If you can’t interpret them or understand them then perhaps you shouldn’t be in business for yourself…

  2. We live in America land of the free what has happened to the freedom of this country when families cannot have a dinner out together at a restaurant in any town includes Monrovia in this country without having to wear masks and the restaurant owner gets closed down and fines of $500.00. Has the leadership in California and all states across the United States have mental illness and an evil agenda The sad news YES .My prayers are that Gods rath remove all that have an evil agenda not only this country but all countries

    • If you look up the code it’s “Interfering with director’s duties prohibited”
      So, probably arguing with the inspector.

      Totes about “health.”

      (Someone in Monrovia pissed someone off)

  3. Weird that this article makes it seem like this was a raid and restaurants and the patrons are victim. They clearly weren’t following the codes and thus they were shut down. The city of Monrovia is at fault for not making sure the businesses weren’t following the rules. Perhaps Mayor Tom (who takes no responsibility for anything.) should pick up the tab for the fines. The Monrovia Weekly is a weak attempt at journalism that doesn’t even try to hide its bias.

  4. Rudy is a good man and runs a fantastic restaurant! I think protocols are not clear for everyone. I think a fair warning would have been sufficient. These businesses are struggling to survive!! They shouldn’t have been fined!

  5. Ok, but what were the violations? Did they have merit? The tone of the article clearly seeks to portray the County officials negatively with the term “sneak attack”, but were they in fact doing their jobs? What did the owners say? It would be nice if this article actually had more information about what occurred instead of simply attacking the government.

    • We didn’t intend to attack the government, simply point out that this was a surprise visit by county health which can seriously affect a business that is already struggling in the sea of mandates that makes it almost impossible for restaurants to make a living.

      • Please post the details for the reasons for the shut down. Was it a patron not wearing a mask while waiting for a friend? Or a party grabbing a chair and having too many at a table? Maybe running out of sanitizer at the pump station?

  6. I blame the city manager for the disgusting state of Myrtle, not Rudy or any of the other local businesses. Monrovia is small and failed it’s townspeople by trying to bypass necessary restrictions with a gray area approach. Take responsibility cuz Myrtle is gross as hell now.

  7. Actually, I have been impressed with our little town. Most of the businesses on Myrtle have stayed open and that is a testament to the owners’ dedication and to the town’s dedication to keeping the small businesses alive. Go down Colorado in Pasadena and see all the empty buildings, the valley has many more. We need to stick together now more than ever and support each other. I would be curious what these violations are….It seems to me the restaurants have all tried to work within guidelines, creating outdoor spaces, keeping the distancing rules. Monrovia has that small town feel and the fact that so much of Myrtle has stayed open is a testament to that. May we continue to keep it that way.

  8. Newsome needs to go and why the people in california keep voting for this moron is beyond. Enough of this shutdown crap open up. People are losing everything. Stay home if you want to buy into Newsomes crap. Only Democrat States have these stupid rules. Look at Florida everything is open..Disney World. Universal and their economy is doing great. Democrats dont give a crap about you or your business they care only about power and control. It’s called Socialism.

  9. “While he admits he has been warned about the protocols, he says it’s confusing and restrictive.” So are tax laws but doesn’t opt anyone out from paying them.
    This county has not “reopened” since the pandemic started because the infection rate has not gone down. According to a CDC report “Adults with positive SARS-CoV-2 test results were approximately twice as likely to have reported dining at a restaurant than were those with negative SARS-CoV-2 test results.”
    Given that statistic wouldn’t you try to reduce infections from visiting a restaurant?
    Having worked in food service, a “surprise visit” is actually normal practice for inspections. Why would any inspector call and say “I’m coming over at 3:00 today” and not expect to find everything in tip top shape?

    Seems that Terry is annoyed that the heath department didn’t apologize for doing their job.

  10. Why are there expensive fines ? To already struggling businesses
    Who gets the money from the fines?
    What can we do to help our community businesses?


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