Creators, Influencers, and Digital Marketers Share Their Trade Secrets at the 5th Annual VidSummit

VidSummit CEO says the conference has grown because speakers are there to “share substantive, actionable insights that will empower attendees to achieve their goals.” – Courtesy photo

Beacon Media News was one of the many leaders of digital marketing that attended

By Hansol Hwang, Editorial Intern

Beacon Media News was among more than 1,000 creators, influencers and digital marketers recently gathered at the Fifth Annual VidSummit for a four day summit with over 62 sessions led by experts in the industry focusing on the most up-to-date method on succeeding on digital marketing platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, according to VidSummit.

Beacon Media News, a consultative multimedia organization, is the publisher of Arcadia Weekly, Monrovia Weekly, Pasadena Independent, and Sierra Madre Weekly (AMPS), and offers digital marketing services that include web advertisements, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media optimization, pay-per-click, and custom content creation and publishing.

Hugh Benjamin who attended VidSummit on behalf of Beacon Media News said, “From Attending the VidSummit event one of the biggest things I learned was that if you believe in the internet and you put forth your authentic voice online for your business or your brand, people respond to truth and humanity.”

The summit included keynote speakers such as YouTube superstars Peter McKinnon and Daniel Markham, Founder of VaynerMedia Gary Vaynerchuck, Founder of Patreon Jack Conte, VidSummit Creator Derral Eves, and social media personality Sean McBride “Shonduras.” In addition to these keynote speakers, many other prominent creators, influencers and digital marketers spoke and led sessions throughout the summit.

“We’ve been successful in growing VidSummit year-after-year by sticking to a single fundamental rule: speakers are not permitted to promote themselves, they are there to share substantive, actionable insights that will empower attendees to achieve their goals. Many of the world’s top creators come every year, not to present or meet fans, but to gain the latest insider insights, exchange best practices and find professionals who they can collaborate with,” VidSummit CEO Derral Eves said. “This is the ultimate event to up your professional game, learn from the best, hone your craft, and connect with the resources and smart ideas to get you where you want to go this year.”

This is an event where dozens of the top 1 percent influencers show attendees how to obtain fans quickly, build a brand and earn millions from the content produced, according to VidSummit. Moreover, the speakers leading these sessions taught the secrets of their trade that they would never share online.

Some examples of sessions include “The Secret Weapon of Youtube Success – Keyword Research” led by Tom Martin the Founder of FAQTube; “Key Foundational Elements of Growing a Youtube Channel” led by Video Marketing Strategist Nick Nimmin; “How to Hack the Facebook Algorithm in 2018” led by Brand Marketing Executive Carlos Gil; and “How to Get Brands to Want to Work With You” led by Co-Founder of Video Influencer Benji Travis.

Tim Schmoyer, founder of Video Creators who attended last year’s summit, and who spoke to VidSummit said, “Hearing other people’s ideas I’ve never considered before, things that are working for other people, it’s just really cool to have all this conversation with all these great people who are working in the industry as hard as I am and making those connections in the industry has been really valuable for me in my business and my channel and that’s why I really like it and that’s what I would look forward to.”

YouTuber Rebecca Beach who went last year, spoke to VidSummit and said, “There are so many things, if you come with a small channel that you could learn from the very beginning and skip years of trial and error that we had to experience. So definitely come.”

For those who were not able to attend, VidSummit is offering access to 56 presentations from this year’s summit for $297.


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