Does the Green Lock Still Ensure Your Data is Safe?

Photo courtesy of Tech Rockstars

The green lock icon used to be a sign of security, but recent reports show that many hackers are now using free security certificate services to add this little icon to fake sites, allowing them to take advantage of users.

According to Bob Maley, CSO of NormShield, “The bad actors are getting these phishing domains and registering them. Then they are standing up phishing sites on those domains that are essentially clones of the various e-commerce sites to fool the end user into believing they’re on a legitimate e-commerce site.”

So how can you stay safe on the internet and determine whether a site is a real deal? Here are two quick tips:

  1. DON’T click on the link in sketchy promotional emails. Go to the site and search for what you’re looking for.
  2. If you use a password manager and it DOESN’T autofill for you, it’s a good indication that it’s not the real site you’ve been to before!

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