Learn Self-Defense at Kenpo Karate in Sierra Madre

Kenpo Karate offers monthly “Woman Self-Defense” seminars. – Courtesy photo / @SoCalKenpoKarate

Kenpo Karate, unlike other martial arts, does not require people to have a certain level of fitness or flexibility that may not be applicable in self-defense. At SoCal Kenpo Karate, they specialize their training to fit each person’s needs, while still preparing for real-life scenarios and covering all ranges of attacks from a grab, a push, punching, kicks, holds, and even weapon defense.

Through learning the art of Kenpo Karate, you will gain more confidence, focus, memory retention and a greater sense of awareness. They provide a safe and encouraging environment for practical training at their accommodating facility in Sierra Madre. Give them a call at (626) 796-4029 and ask about their introductory program, which includes private lessons, and their monthly “Woman Self-Defense” seminars.


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