Monrovia’s Community Media of the Foothills Announces New Executive Director

David Palomares. - Photo by Chris Luiten
David Palomares. – Photo by Chris Luiten

Community Media of the Foothills, Monrovia’s public access television studio, has named David Palomares as its Executive Director. Palomares, a Monrovia resident, active in the community and well versed in television production, was selected by the personnel committee out of pool of some 30 applicants, stated board of Directors Chair, Rena Delgado.

Palomares shared:

“I’m excited to humanize technology and encourage open discourse through the use of our community media center. The KGEM channel has been around for more than 35 years. And it’s vitally important that residents know we are here and ready to show you how to use our resources. One of my main goals is to encourage diverse and meaningful stories of the community we serve. ”

Community Media of the Foothills is located at 847 E. Olive Ave., Monrovia and is open Monday through Friday. For more information call (626) 357-4974 or find them on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram @KGEMTV.


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