Monrovia’s NextGate Works to Improve Healthcare Records

By Brenda J. Trainor

NextGate” is one of those striking logo signs that we pass when cruising down Monrovia’s Huntington Drive. But most of us rarely know what is going on in the offices and manufacturing facilities that we pass. Monrovia and our surrounding communities host many fascinating and cutting-edge businesses, and many of these have a foundation in advanced technology applications.  

MADIA Tech Launch is a non-profit educational organization that seeks to give identity to and build community among the many technology companies and up-and-coming entrepreneurs in our foothill cities (MADIA is short for Monrovia, Arcadia, Duarte, Irwindale, and Azusa – the five original cities that recognized that tech is where it’s at for our region and want to see technology businesses grow in this region). The organization highlights some of the many established and start-up technology companies in our area. 

MADIA was fortunate enough to have NextGate ( host one of their recent meetings, and attendees heard from Richard Garcia, NextGate vice president of marketing, and Gevik Nalbandian, NextGate vice president of software engineering. The pair led an insightful discussion of how this corporation has grown by listening to its customers and by being nimble, quick to act and react to its changing environment. 

So what is NextGate? It is a software company that specializes in serving the healthcare industry, specifically designing an information technology management system to maintain patient identity records assuring accuracy, consistency, as well as secure privacy, in one of the most highly-regulated industries in the world.

Think back to the last time you received some health care services. How many forms were involved? Think of what happens when you go from calling on the phone, then to your appointment, then to a nurse, maybe a technician for some diagnostic procedures, then to your visit with the physician, and then maybe to the pharmacy; and once home, eventually you get the bill from your insurance carrier possibly through your employer. Just imagine the sophistication of the information technology system that makes sure that your information — your medical history, your contact information, your billing and payment records — are all kept secure yet trackable as they are handed off among the many information silos belonging to all the different entities involved in giving you even the simplest of care. 

A privately-held company, NextGate’s offices have a friendly, colorful atmosphere, filled with art, and a casual open office layout. And with customers across many time zones and internationally, staff is busy at all times of the day and night.

MADIA attendees learned how challenging it can be for a company like NextGate to grow in a competitive field of so many layers and potential customers, and in response to changing regulations in the different countries of its customers. 

So the next time you head down Huntington Drive, know that there are some smart folks, clicking away behind those shiny doors, working to support a healthcare identity system that can offer providers accurate and secure records to assure the integrity of your care.

MADIA meetings are open to all who are interested, visit or join the “MADIA Tech Launch” group on LinkedIn and like their page on Facebook.


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