Sil’s Drive-Thru Shoutouts: House of Windsor

In our efforts to promote local businesses, we created a weekly series dedicated to just that, introducing 'Sil's Drive-Thru Shout-Outs'

This week we feature House of Windsor in Monrovia and Mahan Indian Restaurant in Alhambra

As a former business owner myself, I know the challenges of owning a business and the pain of having to close due to financial difficulties. Let’s say the economic crisis in 2008 was a year I want to forget. That being said, I feel a since of duty or say dedication to the local businesses that are most affected by this pandemic. If you know of a business that could use an extra “shout-out”, let us know. Also show us some support by subscribing to our Youtube Channel at So Cal Beacon. It’s free and allows us to create more opportunities in our communities.


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