Understanding the Ways to Create a Good E-Newsletter

A way to creating a good E-Newsletter
A way to create a good e-newsletter – Courtesy photo

What are the resources and techniques in creating a good e-Newsletter? Beacon Media News for example, uses an idea of e-blast winners. E-blast winners are those in the City of Pasadena area that get the chance to answer a weekly question. Once the company figures out who the winner is, they electronically send them an email to the winner and let them know what prize they’ve won. The participation for e-Newsletters is a great way to know that the subscribers care about what the company is promoting.

In an article, Ginny Mineo came up with 10 different tips to creating a e-newsletter. Those 10 steps are…

  1. Evaluating
  2. Figuring out what kind of online newsletter you want to send
  3. Balancing your newsletter content
  4. Setting expectations on your “ subscribe” page
  5. Getting creative with the emails subject lines
  6. Picking one primary call-to-action
  7. Keeping the design minimal
  8. Making sure the images are loaded for access
  9. Making it easy for people to unsubscribe
  10. Testing the email

It is always good to balance out the newsletter content with educational facts, and then promotional facts. “In your email newsletters, get rid of the self-promotion (most of the time) and focus on sending your subscribers educational, relevant, timely information. Unless you actually have an exciting, big piece of news about your product, service or company, leave out the promotional parts.”

For Beacon Media News, when they send out e-Newsletters, their subject line catches the reader’s attention because their subject lines are always creative, and different. It’s better to have a creative subject line every time, that way more readers will open the email. When designing the e-newsletter, you have to be creative because customers and subscribers will want to open the link and read more about it. E-newsletters are all about creativity, consistency and being on top of it.


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