Why Businesses Need to Send E-Newsletters

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An e-newsletter is a very important marketing tool for businesses and organizations because it lets the community stay up-to-date with their events, keeps the company in contact with their subscribers and makes sure the customers are receiving important attention that will help the company’s marketing responses increase.

According to A Function of a Newsletter by Ian Linton, “To be successful, your e-newsletter must offer readers content that is useful and easy to digest.” With not enough creative and big images, it is difficult to accept the offers that the company is giving away. Also making sure there are clear and concise headlines that catches the recipient’s attention.

A prime example of an organization that sends e-newsletters to the local community is Beacon Media News, publisher of Arcadia Weekly, Monrovia Weekly, and Pasadena Independent (AMPS). Beacon Media News reaches out to the communities with e-newsletters of creative imagery and condensed headlines for AMPS. They produce e-newsletters for the three AMPS publications on a weekly basis.

“The Importance of Newsletters as a Marketing Tool” by Clikit Media, elaborated on 10-12 different steps on why companies should put together newsletters. The steps are, “To increase awareness, positioning your brand,to get more business from current clients, to get repeated business from former clients, to build your contact list, to provide content for, traffic to your website, and to serve as a networking tool.”

The step that stood out the most to me is making sure to provide good content for the business’ website. For customers to visit and pay attention to the website, we have to make sure there is good content information about the company.

Overall, good E-Newsletters will always catch the customers attention. Also, those who visit their website and read the newsletters will want to find out more information. My next article will concentrate on understanding how to create a good E-Newsletter.


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