Business Spotlight / January 15, 2019 Keeping the Peace at Ambrose Cafe

By Emily Glory Peters “Ambrose was a saint,” says Andrew Willis of the man for whom his coffee shop is named. Occupying the space that was once Archives Books (the go-to bookstore for Fuller Seminary) the shop’s association alone tells you Willis isn’t being facetious. Ambrose was an actual saint, admired by Willis for his...

Business Spotlight / January 10, 2019 Out With the Old, In With the Sew

By Emily G. Peters In an era of mass-produced clothing, limitless fashion stores and a dry cleaner around every corner, sewing has more or less become a relic of the past. However, while they maintain everyone should be taught to sew on a button, Pollard’s Sew Creative in Arcadia has found new ways to make...

Business Spotlight / January 3, 2019 Soft Serve with a Swish

By Emily G. Peters We know you just made your resolution to get in shape in 2019, but we’ve already got your cheat day ready at The Pond Ice cream in Arcadia. Barely a year old, The Pond is all about soft serve with an instagram-worthy swish. It started when coffee shop owner Nancy Lien...

Business Spotlight / December 27, 2018 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Movement Takes Root in Arcadia

By Emily G. Peters Brazilian jiu-jitsu (known as BJJ) is one of the fastest-growing martial arts in the world. With Japanese roots, the sport flourished in Brazil under the Gracie family, who transformed jiu-jitsu into the grappling phenomenon known today. But you don’t need to travel far to get a taste—simply head to School Brazilian...

Business Spotlight / December 18, 2018 Night Out and Chill at 38 Degrees

By Emily G. Peters New(ish) kid on the block 38 Degrees Ale House and Grill quietly took up residence in Old Town Monrovia back in 2015—although the level of chill depends on the night. On a Sunday evening, the bar is pleasantly relaxed, with ‘90s era music servings as the non-invasive soundtrack to a great...

Business Spotlight / December 13, 2018 GrandCare Sets High Standard for Home Health Care

By Emily G. Peters Dignity in one’s living situation should be accessible to all, but often requires the involvement and support of others. When caregiving company GrandCare Health Services itself fell on rocky shores, it took a team to lift the agency to its feet again. “Over the last 15 years GrandCare grew quickly, but...

Business Spotlight

‘Medicine Works’ at Dr. Domotor’s Animal House
Business Spotlight

‘Medicine Works’ at Dr. Domotor’s Animal House

By Emily G. Peters When a college-aged Sylvia Domotor told her mother she planned on becoming an astronaut, the reply was simple: You’re going to be a veterinarian. When Domotor completed her undergraduate degree and declared herself a future anthropologist, the answer was still clear—veterinary medicine was her future. As it turned out, mom was…

Imprintability Makes Branding Virtually Limitless
Business Spotlight

Imprintability Makes Branding Virtually Limitless

By Emily G. Peters “You can’t be everywhere, but your logo can.” This is the slogan of Imprintability, a printing and promotional products business founded by owner Jennifer Stone in 2005. It’s the kind of brand-forward thinking that’s allowed Stone to transform her lone-wolf operation into a successful business. “I do the sales, the marketing,…

  • the executive factor founder andrew gregson
  • the executive factor meeting space
  • the executive factor conference room
  • the executive factor reception
  • the executive factor full kitchen
Business Spotlight, Featured

Entrepreneurship, Simplified: The Executive Factor

By Emily G. Peters The “American dream” has many iterations—self-employment chief among them. Yet translating an idea into a marketable business can seem like an insurmountable task for many. The Executive Factor in Arcadia simplifies that process. Created by U.K. native Andrew Gregson and his wife Tricia in 2010, the couple formed a professional workspace…

Business Spotlight

Kings Row Gastropub

By Emily G. Peters It’s Sunday morning, and the crew at Kings Row Gastropub is getting ready for the day. Kids dart in an out from the main dining room, enjoying their freedom before the pub overflows with weekend revelers looking for a bite and a beer. This is Kings Row, Old Pasadena’s first gastropub….

  • kaleidoscope antiques storefront
  • upstairs view kaleidoscope antiques
  • midcentury modern tv at kaleidoscope antiques
  • furniture at kaleidoscope antiques
  • clock at kaleidoscope antiques
  • vintage patterns at kaleidoscope antiques
  • artwork at kaleidoscope antiques
  • debbie, dealer at kaleidoscope antiques
  • kaleidoscope antiques interior
  • kaleidoscope antiques mirror
  • suit of armor kaleidoscope antiques
Business Spotlight

The Thrill of the Hunt: Kaleidoscope Antiques

Story and Photos by Emily G. Peters “Being an antique dealer is like a continuous treasure hunt,” said Bill Taylor, owner of Monrovia’s magnificent Kaleidoscope Antiques. “The antique business changes as styles change—but there always is a demand.” Taylor should know. The brainchild of his late wife Linda Taylor and her business partner C.J. Granados,…

  • J.T. Centonze Off Kilter Kilts
  • Off Kilter Kilts customers
  • Off Kilter Kilts pup
  • Verillas leather kilt Off Kilter Kilts
  • Off Kilter Kilts kilt
Business Spotlight

Dare to be Bare: Off Kilter Kilts

By Emily G. Peters It’s summer in Los Angeles. It’s hot—insanely hot. And call us crazy, but it’s times like these where a kilt starts to look like a mighty desirable fashion choice. Luckily for us, Off Kilter Kilts (OKK) in Pasadena is here to help. This boutique kilt shop is the new(er) kid on…

  • Lark Cake Shop Carrot Cake Cupcakes
  • Lark Cake Shop exterior
  • Lark Cake Shop Interior
  • Lark Cake Shop Chocolate Cupcake
  • Lark Cake Shop Ice Box Cake
  • Lark Cake Shop cupcakes
Business Spotlight

Lark Cake Shop

By Emily G. Peters Lark Cake Shop has been getting some buzz the last few years. It’s garnered multiple local awards and, just this winter, Los Angeles Magazine noted their berry shortcake as a must-try in Los Angeles. Though only arriving on the scene in Pasadena in 2015, Lark Cake Shop owner John Hensley has been building…

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